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School Events & The Return of the Star Follies was a HUGE Success!

May 8, 2024 | Mary Danahey

Submitted by Mary Danahey of Incline Education Fund

By all measures, the return of the Incline Star Follies lived up to the hype. Performing for close to sold-out crowds, the Follies cast put on quite the show and reminded us all what the Incline community is all about. Over 70 students, alumni, parents, school admins, business partners and local community members spent countless hours putting together an evening of fun and frivolity.  They wowed the crowd with their dance moves, lip-syncing prowess and comedic talent (sometimes, newly-found skills!) and built friendships and connections in the process. Oh, and they had fun while raising a bunch of money for the schools.   

As the school season starts to wind down, there is still a LOT going on for parents, community members and students alike. Accolades, events to attend and a couple of great volunteer opportunities. Read on and join in!

Congrats are in order! Yet ANOTHER award for Incline High School students!

Congratulations to Riley Hunt and Asher Edwards for taking 1st place at the Skills USA competition. They competed against 10 other schools in Additive Manufacturing and will go onto Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia in late June.

Cool things to do!

This Thursday, IHS is hosting a Feria de la Comunidad this Thursday from 5-7

See the flyer below for more details, but everyone is invited to IHS for this celebration of cultures, traditions, and talents within our community. The fair will feature a variety of activities and attractions for all ages, including:

– Delicious food

– Information and demonstrations highlighting what the community offers

– Engaging activities for children of all ages

– Opportunities to connect with local organizations and learn about their initiatives in fostering unity and diversity within our community

IMS Family Stem Night on May 21st. 5:30-7

Mark your calendars for a celebration of our Incline Schools becoming the First and Only STE(A)M pathway in the state of Nevada.  There will be lots of activities, including a SALSA CONTEST, so prepare your tastebuds (not your dancing shoes) for the competition.  

And here’s how you can Get Involved

Volunteers are needed for both the Science Expo and Mock interview/Career Day.


Science Expo May 23 and 24, 2024

UC Davis is seeking volunteers at the annual Science Expo on May 23 and 24 to help facilitate a science activity. The event will be held in the Incline High School gymnasium. Shifts are 2 – 4 hours. To volunteer, use the link below or contact Sarah via email at: (skharry@ucdavis.edu).  For more information about the Science Expo, visit https://tahoe.ucdavis.edu/science-expo

Volunteer sign-up genius for Science Expo: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090444AEA72CA6F49-49312450-2024

And later in the month, we will need 30-40 professionals to help out with: Mock Interview & Career Day on May 29th, 2024 at IHS

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Incline Village School Update

April 23, 2024 | Mary Danahey

Submitted by Mary Danahey of Incline Education Fund

There is a lot of school news this week, and a lot of great events are coming up!


The IHS We The People team came in First in their Division at the recent national championship held in Washington, D.C.

The small, but mighty team competed against 47 other schools – most of which had teams double, or triple in size.


Save the date! April 30th from 5-7 is the IMS Trash to Treasure Art Show at the Holman Arts Center.  

Callia Schnell, a UNR art and environmental science student, has been working with IMS art teacher Ginny Holmes to help IMS students create art from the trash collected as part of the trash to treasure program. Come by for a lite bite and see how creative our students can be.


The next meet up of the Inclined 2 Read Community Book Club is happening at the Incline Public Library on May 7th from 5:30-6:30.  

This is a great collaboration between Lake Tahoe School and Incline Elementary School to help build excitement for reading.

Here is a link to the event: https://events.washoecountylibrary.us/event/11718483

There is a Parent Preview TONIGHT at Incline Elementary School. This event is an opportunity for perspective K-1 families to tour the school and learn about all of the exciting things happening at IES. Come learn about the Makerspace, music and new art programs as well as the support and enrichment programs being offered. Families who can’t make it or who have questions about IES are encouraged to check out the flyer and call the school for an individual tour.  

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Incline School News & Upcoming School Events

April 9, 2024 | Mary Danahey

Submitted by Mary Danahey, Incline Education Fund


I’m hoping you have all see the other SnapShot announcement regarding the return of the Incline Star Follies! Back after a Covid-induced hiatus, the event promises to be a ton of fun. Come out and watch local students, educators and community members entertain us with their dancing and lip-syncing chops!

Sponsorships and Advertising spots in the Follies program are only available until April 15th., so show your community-support and join in the fun.

Tickets will be available next week!   All proceeds benefit our local Incline public schools.

For more information:  https://www.inclinestarfollies.org/


Makerspace teacher Trina Kleinhenz will be receiving her regional “STEM Teacher Of the Year” award from the Nevada Governor’s Office this week.

 Stay tuned for information about local author Joanna Howes. She will be visiting both IES and LTS next month.


It’s a new semester at IMS – which means there are a new bunch of Exploratories for middle school students to participate in.

This time it’s:

Off-campus options include: Pet Network, Bowling, mountain biking (and trail building), Heart & Sole, swimming, Gateway Mountain Center.

On-campus options include: Entrepreneurship, jewelry making, culinary, 3D printing


The Incline High School We The People team is headed off to Washington D.C. TODAY for the national competition.  They will be up against 47 teams from across the country. They are still in need of funds to support the trip. Donations can be made at the “We The People” category in the drop-down menu at https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=ZTSAJMLWH9MU4

Junior Parent Night is tonight – from 5:30-7pm.  Hosted by the IHS Counselors to help keep parents in the loop. Pertinent information regarding high school graduation requirements and preparation for post-secondary options will be discussed.

Mark your calendars for ROTC Awards night on April 24th. from 5:30-8pm.

Career Fair is coming up and Mock Interviewers are needed. Have a look at the flyers below and sign up to help support Incline Village & Crystal Bay local youth.

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School Update with Incline Education Fund

March 26, 2024 | Mary Danahey

Submitted by Incline Education Fund 03/25/2024, Written by Mary Danahey

Congratulations to the recent IMS Spelling Bee winners:

8th gr: Aspen Reichert 

7th gr: DJ Galloway 

6th gr: Isabella Bascunan Fernandez


Huge Congratulations to both IES Makerspace Teacher, Trina Kleinhenz for receiving the Northwest Nevada STEM Educator of the Year Award and to Incline Middle School for becoming a STEM Designated School !  

We are very proud of their hard work and dedication in preparing ALL of our students for the rigor of Incline High School and are excited to have the first and only K12 STEM pathway in Nevada!

-Principal Tierney Cahill


Articles this week were submitted by IHS Principal, Tierney Cahill

Incline High’s Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam Shines at Mid-Grant Review

In an impressive showcase of innovation and teamwork, Incline High School’s Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam, under the guidance of their standout teacher Mr. Shoda, recently held their Mid-Grant Review, drawing experts from various fields to offer feedback on their pioneering project. The event was a crucial milestone in their journey to EurekaFest at MIT this June, where they will present their invention, Snowsense.

Donning their light blue Lemelson-MIT polos, the team embodied unity and professionalism as they presented their work to date before breaking into groups to dive deeper into their data, design, and the challenges they face. This interactive session allowed experts to offer targeted advice and troubleshooting tips, a process mandated by MIT to ensure teams are on the right track. The oversight and participation of the professor overseeing the grant via Zoom underscored the importance of this review in the overall project timeline.

The InvenTeam’s project, Snowsense, aims to revolutionize how snow load on structures is measured and reported. By developing a device and accompanying smartphone app to alert property owners of potential snow overload in real time, the team is addressing a significant concern for regions prone to heavy snowfall.

The rigorous questioning by guests in attendance highlighted the depth of their research and the progress they’ve made in developing their invention. Feedback from the session was overwhelmingly positive, with experts contributing valuable insights, potential solutions, and considerations to further refine Snowsense.

The involvement of professionals, including engineers, architects, and patent lawyers, provided the team with a wealth of knowledge, helping them identify areas for improvement and refinement. This interaction was not only a testament to the team’s hard work but also an invaluable opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals.

As the Incline High InvenTeam heads into the final stretch before EurekaFest, the enthusiasm and commitment to their project are more palpable than ever. Their journey is a remarkable example of what young minds can achieve with the right guidance, support, and opportunity to innovate.

The Incline community eagerly awaits their presentation at EurekaFest, where they will stand as one of only eight schools nationwide selected for this prestigious opportunity to showcase their invention to a panel of MIT engineers. With the progress they’ve shown and the feedback incorporated, there’s little doubt that the Incline High InvenTeam will leave a lasting impression on the world of STEM.

Highlanders Impress at the Rotary International Club Talent Contest

The Incline Rotary Clubs provided a magnificent platform this Thursday for a display of exceptional talents, as our own Highlanders took the stage to compete in vocal, instrumental, and speech contests. Hosted with grace by both local Rotary International Clubs, the event saw an unprecedented number of participants, each bringing their unique flair and dedication to the fore.

The competition was stiff, with performances that spoke volumes of the hard work and passion invested by the students. Judges were met with the challenging task of determining winners amidst a sea of talent, particularly when it came to resolving ties in several categories.

Sequoia Denton emerged as the star of the vocal competition, enchanting everyone with her superior vocal performance. The instrumental category witnessed a tie, a testament to the exceptional skills of Keenan Artle and Abby Duckworth, who both stood out with their musical mastery.

In the speech competition, Lainey Lowden distinguished herself with a compelling speech about her transformative experience volunteering as a medical assistant in the Dominican Republic. Her poignant reflections and the impact of her journey resonated deeply, earning her the top spot.

The competition also highlighted the significant potential of upcoming talent, notably sophomore Jesus Aguirre Gomez, who, as one of three tying for second place, signaled his promise as a contender in next year’s competition.

Other remarkable performances deserving of mention include vocalist Isabelle Avenier, whose melodious voice captivated all; orator Emily Suarez-Moises, who demonstrated exceptional eloquence of kindness; drummer Willemina Dukes, who impressed with her rhythmic prowess; and vocalist Zane Richards, whose performance was both powerful and he totally rocked the house.

This event’s success is greatly attributed to the unwavering support and organization by Incline’s two Rotary International clubs, champions of fostering artistic and expressive skills among our youth. Their efforts in creating such a platform are invaluable, ensuring our students have the opportunity to excel, compete, and showcase their talents.

Reflecting on the evening’s array of talents, it’s evident that our Highlanders not only participated but truly impressed, setting a high bar for future competitions. Congratulations to all who took part and to the winners for making the Highlander community immensely proud. A special note of gratitude goes to Denise Menzies, Leslie Herrmann, and all of the Rotarians who attended and judged the event, their support and expertise are invaluable in nurturing our students’ growth and success.

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Great News on the School Front

March 19, 2024 | Mary Danahey

Submitted by Incline Education Fund on 03/19/2024, Written by Mary Danahey

Incline Middle School just received word that they are now considered a “Designated STEM School” by the Nevada Governor’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology.

Incline High and Elementary Schools received their Designations last year.  This means that the Incline schools are officially the first K-12 Governor Designated STEM Pathway in the state of Nevada.  This means that EVERY Incline student is guaranteed a high-quality STEM education across their entire K-12 experience. This is quite an accomplishment for our small schools.  

Here’s more info on the designation: https://osit.nv.gov/STEM/Gov_Designated_STEM_Schools/

Watch for more in-depth information here in the SnapShot in the coming weeks.

Incline Elementary School

IES is hosting a huge Science event in collaboration with SWEP (Sierra Watershed Education Partnership). 

This is a two-day STEM event of interactive science activities and a “Family STEM Night” supported by AAUW (American Association of University Women).

If you have a couple of hours, they would love another volunteer or two. Reach out directly to the school if you can help: 775-832-4250.

Incline High School

The Highlander Hometown BBQ at the Hyatt was the place to be seen last weekend. The event was a smashing success as the main fundraiser for Incline High School.  Many thanks to the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation (DCDF), Dogwood Builders, McWhinney, IVCBA and all the other sponsors and advertisers.

They are VEEERRY close to reaching the generous $100,000 match provided by the DCDF – so if you’d like to be a part of helping to reach that goal, please contact Tara Cannon at: tara.cannon347@gmail.com or via text at: 562-208-5059

Community-wide opportunity:

If you are looking for a way to reach potential business within our local community, consider buying an ad or a sponsorship in the Follies program:

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The Local Lens – Incline Village School Update

March 13, 2024 | Mary Danahey

Submitted and Written by Mary Danahey of Incline Education Fund

This Just In – A huge congratulations to Trina Kleinhenz for earning the Northwestern Nevada STEM Teacher of the Year 2024 award!


A letter from the Incline High School Boosters Event Chair, Tara Cannon

Join us in showing support for Incline High School at this year’s Highlander Home event – a Hometown BBQ (also known as the Crab Feed) presented by the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation.  Act FAST, as we’re on the brink of an official sell out (there are only 6 tickets remaining)!  Every dollar raised will contribute to bringing incredible programs to our students.

The event is this Saturday, March 16th at 6:00pm, at the Hyatt. Don’t miss out on the excitement! The evening promises a fabulous BBQ menu, delightful cocktails, a bluegrass band, a DJ, and both a live and silent auction.

Special thanks to the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation for their generous match – effectively doubling every donation on the first $100k raised! Our Fund A Need initiative aims to support various areas, most importantly, including bringing the “Every 15 Minutes” program to IHS next school year. This program is designed to vividly illustrate the potential deadly consequences of drinking or texting while driving.If you can’t attend, you can still participate. Consider proxy bidding or making a donation on behalf of the cause. Every contribution helps us reach our goal of a bright future for every Incline High School student.

For questions, or to place a proxy bid, please contact Tara Cannon, Chair at: tara.cannon347@gmail.com.  

To check out the program, showcasing the Live Auction and Fund a Need https://issuu.com/atypicalconsulting/docs/ihs_2024_program_final-issuu 

To purchase tickets, visit: https://inclineboosters.ejoinme.org/HighlanderHome2024Don’t miss your last chance to be a part of this memorable event supporting Incline High School! 


On March 21st at 4:30 at the Incline HIgh School Duffield Theater, the community is invited to attend the annual Speech and Music Competition hosted by the Rotary Club of Tahoe-Incline and the Rotary Club of Incline Village. Students (from Incline High School) are invited to enter the competitions for cash prizes and the opportunity to advance to the Area and District Rotary Competitions. In the spirit of the 2024 Rotary International theme of “Create Hope in the World,” students in the Speech competition will be answering the question: “How have you volunteered towards promoting HOPE in the world, and how did you see HEARTS impacted through the experience?”

The Music competition includes both a Solo Instrumentalist and a Vocalist category.  
Refreshments will be served at the event compliments of the Rotary Incline Clubs. Admission is free. 

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Incline Village School Updates

February 13, 2024 | Mary Danahey

Submitted by Incline Education Fund, Written by Mary Danahey

It’s going to probably be a little quiet around town next week as all Incline schools are on break for SKI WEEK!

In the meantime, make sure your calendars are marked for these exciting upcoming events:

Incline High School Highlander Home BBQ (aka: Crab Feed) March 16th at the Hyatt

Tickets can be bought here: Highlander Home BBQ Tickets     

21st Incline Star Follies

May 3rd & 4th at Incline High School’s Duffield Theater

Tickets on sale soon!

And here’s some current news from the schools:

Incline Elementary School

The new Art Program is up and running at IES!

IEF is funding a dedicated art teacher for all K5 students and their first project was a smashing success!

Students studied “natural disasters” in their English and Library classes. The fourth graders read about the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai of Great Wave Fame. Then they made their own block prints out of legos in the makerspace class and used them in the art class to create their own artistic representation of a wave. It was an amazing display of the cross-curricular learning happening at IES.  

Incline Middle School

IMS held their annual Spelling Bee last week.. Here are the winners: (first, second, third, respectively)

6th grade: Isabella, Mack, Ninel

7th grade: DJ, Maddie, Nick

8th grade: Aspen, Alva, Sky

The Incline Middle School Jazz Band attended the “Jazz in the Schools” event at UNR last weekend.

The students even got to have a private “clinic” with the entire UNR jazz faculty.  Stayed tuned for photos!

And speaking of the IMS jazz band….

The IMS students are evidently quite multi-dimensional.  They have banded together (sorry for the pun) to write a rap song! This is part of the Trash to Treasure project and the song will be used to accompany the public service announcement being put together by students in the IMS video production class.

Incline High School

We are looking for volunteers to help with Mock Interview Day at Incline High School this coming May.

If you are skilled at interviewing and/or coaching young adults on how to interview, please email Mary at Incline Education Fund. Dates TBD, but it will be in mid-May.  email: maryd@inclineeducationfund.org

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Incline Schools Update

February 7, 2024 | Mary Danahey

Submitted by Incline Education Fun, Written by Mary Danahey
Exciting News from Incline High School

IHS has announced a brand-new addition to their programming: the Personalized Learning Academy.

Stay tuned for more detailed information, but the short description is that students will soon be able to tailor their education to their individual passions. 

Spaces are limited for the inaugural cohort of the Personalized Learning Academy, so there will be an application and interview process.  Mr. Adam Shoda and Ms. DJ Jackson will be the cohort advisors.

If you are a student or a parent and have questions, reach out to Principal Cahill at: tcahill@washoeschools.net 


Looking for some parenting resources on addressing screen time issues?  Check out the Screenagers website and podcast: Parenting Screentime

There are a bunch of resources there – so take what you need and leave the rest. Not every parenting tip works for every kid, but it’s nice to have some fresh ideas every now and then. 



The FREE, community-wide Book Club is hosting a Meet Up next Tuesday, 2/13 at 5:30.  Head over to the public library on for crafts, games, food and fun. Register for this free event at the QR code below  (not required, but helpful).

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Incline Middle School Principal, Daniel Lediard

February 6, 2024 | Mary Danahey

Originally Published in IVCBA Live.Work.Play. Written by Mary Danahey

Incline Middle School’s (IMS) new principal, Daniel Lediard, is excited to bring his 25 years of experience as an educator here to Tahoe and be able to work with the phenomenal staff at IMS. When asked about his new role, Lediard said “I am excited to bring my skills to this great school and be able to support our IMS students, staff, parents and the Incline community”.

Lediard understands middle school students, especially since he has two of his own, and how complex navigating the early teenage years can be. He knows that middle school aged students are dealing with not only the physical aspects of puberty, but the academic and emotional aspects as well.

Middle school is designed to offer more a academically challenging curriculum to students just as their ability to process complex thinking is developing. This is happening at the same time that peer pressure and now the influence of social media is taking root. Lediard believes that IMS’s small classes and nurturing environment provide an excellent launchpad to encourage and motivate students as they stretch their academic efforts.

As such, Lediard credits IMS with maintaining focus on what is best for its students. Toward that end, he and his staff have three goals:

-continue a robust curriculum that solidifies students’ reading and writing strategies

-move IMS toward a STEM School Designation

-solidifiy the new IMS Exploratory program

“With both the Incline elementary and high schools already achieving the Nevada Designated STEM School status, IMS is working to join their ranks and create the only K12 STEM school alignment in the state,” Lediard said. To help make that happen, IMS is working with the Incline Education Fund to create the framework that Nevada STEM Schools require. Utilizing grant funds received from both the Nevada Governors’ Office of Science, Innovation & Technology and the Tahoe Fund, IMS is expanding their robotics curriculum and launching a community-wide “Trash to Treasure” program (see insert).  

Lediard explained that becoming a hub of STEM innovation involves providing teaching opportunities that are centered on inquiry, technology, and project-based learning activities that can be tiedto the real world. 

STEM schools challenge students to partner with the local community and businesses to solve local problems. STEM projects are relatable to a wide range of students because they are engaging, hands-on learning projects that allow them to interact with new tools, materials and concepts. For middle school students who want to become the next generation of innovators and inventors, STEM programs give them the chance to learn through real-world application of their skills.

This focus on STEM will become the bridge between the makerspace program at the elementary school and the engineering program at the high school, creating a unique opportunity for students to take STEM classes from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Lediard’s third goal for IMS is to build up the Exploratory program that was created by IMS’s previous principal, Kari Michael. With support from Incline Education Fund and local community partners, this weekly program allows students to explore other areas of interest and exposes them to numerous career and college pathways. It also provides a runway for the high school’s Learning through Interest program. Students choose between a variety of on and off campus opportunities each semester and include topics like: robotics, culinary arts, podcasting, swimming, bowling, entrepreneurship, XC-skiing, crochet and more.

“These programs set Incline Village apart from every school I’ve worked in”, said Lediard. “Since I accepted this position, I am enjoying being able to connect with students on a more personal basis and working within a supportive community. I can’t think of a better location to serve as a school leader,” Lediard said.


Teams of students, local service groups and individual community members will be coordinated to collect trash and debris found in the Tahoe basin. The collected trash will be analyzed, measured and turned into communal art pieces with the specific purpose of informing the general public about the importance of keeping the Tahoe basin trash free. Watch for upcoming information on collection dates in the IVCBA SnapShot.

This was originally published in the EDITION of LWP magazine. You can read all LWP issues here: LIVE.WORK.PLAY

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Community Support for Marvin Cruz IHS

January 30, 2024 | Mary Danahey

Submitted by Mary Danahey 01/29/2024

To Our Incline Community,

Marvin Cruz, Incline High School’s cherished custodian and Site Facility Coordinator, has recently faced a medical emergency. In times like these, our community comes together to support one another, and we want to extend our assistance to Marvin and his family during this challenging time.

To help Marvin cover medical expenses not covered by insurance, we have established a GoFundMe page: https://gofund.me/ec55a711

Every contribution, no matter the amount, will make a significant difference. If you feel inclined to contribute, please consider doing so.

We deeply appreciate your kindness and generosity during this challenging time. Together, we can make a positive impact and help Marvin on his path to recovery. Your support exemplifies the strong sense of community that defines our school and our community. Thank you for being part of the extended family that cares for one another.

GoFundMe Page: https://gofund.me/ec55a711


The Incline High School Boosters Family

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