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Sustainable Adventures in North Tahoe Nevada

May 16, 2023 | Member Submitted

New Member Welcome – Travel North Tahoe Nevada

By Andy Chapman, CEO of Travel North Tahoe Nevada

For those of us lucky enough to call it home, North Lake Tahoe is a mesmerizing destination that beckons adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. With the inception of the destination organization in 1989, as well as the rebrand to Travel North Tahoe Nevada (TNTNV) in 2022, our group of destination experts set our sights on encouraging travel experiences that support a vibrant economy, enhance the community character, and foster environmental stewardship practices. TNTNV is dedicated to promoting the limitless recreation opportunities of North Lake Tahoe and driving responsible tourism through tourism management.

Our organization takes pride in being a leader in sustainable visitation. In fact, we allocate a significant portion of our annual budget to sustainability projects, with 10% of the budget dedicated to such initiatives. By doing so, TNTNV ensures that the natural beauty and resources of Lake Tahoe are preserved for future generations to enjoy.

One of the standout events that TNTNV is excited to present this year is the 2nd Annual SkyShow, taking place on the Fourth of July. This event is an innovative and sustainable alternative to traditional fireworks displays. By opting for drones instead of fireworks, TNTNV is demonstrating its commitment to environmental stewardship and reducing the impact on the local ecosystem. The exciting display of lights and creativity will spark excitement among visitors and locals alike, and cultivate a greater understanding of eco-friendly practices altogether.

But the sustainable festivities don’t end with the SkyShow. Throughout the year, TNTNV actively promotes responsible tourism. We encourage visitors to explore the vast array of recreational activities available in North Lake Tahoe while respecting the natural environment. To ensure that visitors and locals can enjoy Lake Tahoe without generating extra emissions, the Tahoe Area Regional Transit (TART) provides public transportation options for the local community through TART Connect. TART Connect, funded by TNTNV and partner agencies, operates several bus routes throughout North Lake Tahoe,
providing convenient access to nearby towns, shopping, and recreational areas. TART Connect is an
affordable and reliable way to get around North Lake Tahoe, and it is a great way to help reduce traffic
and pollution in the area.

Whether it’s hiking through pristine trails, kayaking on crystal-clear waters, or skiing down the magnificent slopes, TNTNV is dedicated to ensuring that these activities are enjoyed responsibly and with utmost care for the region’s ecological balance.

TNTNV recognizes that sustainable tourism is not only beneficial for the environment but also for the local community and economy. By preserving the unique character and charm of North Lake Tahoe, we aim to support the local businesses and ensure a thriving economy that benefits both residents and visitors alike.

By investing a significant portion of our annual budget into sustainability projects, we hope to lead the way in environmental stewardship in our region. Travelers to Lake Tahoe can look forward to a destination that not only offers limitless recreational opportunities but also values the preservation of its natural beauty, community character, and economic vitality.

To learn more visit us at www.TravelNorthTahoeNV.com

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