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DJ Mark Sexton & MC Uncle E to Captivate IVCB SkyShow Audience with Unparalleled Energy and Enthusiasm and Sound

June 3, 2023 | Julie Malkin-Manning

The IVCB SkyShow soundtrack will be provided by DJ Mark Sexton, as he returns to a bigger and brighter experience. Returning to create the soundscapes for the SkyShow again this year, DJ Mark Sexton will create the synchronized sounds of the Laser and Drone shows as well as perform DJ Sets before the shows.

Guitarist and songwriter Mark Sexton has had a longtime love for experiencing music from every possible angle. Whether it’s behind the microphone, singing and playing guitar for his acclaimed groups, (The Sextones & Whatitdo Archive Group), or from behind the turntables, performing a DJ set that tells a story. His deep musical roots and knowledge of music history put him at an advantage when conducting parties and taking listeners to new places while pulling deep cuts from his massive record collection.

Not initially taking DJing seriously, it wasn’t til an experience while on tour in Europe with his band, the Sextones, that he found inspiration. “There is a culture of finding the rarest possible records and playing them out in the club that night. DJs would come on playing amazing soul 45s after our band sets. I fell in love with it right away”. 

Since 2018, Sexton has gone full out with DJ events. Inspired by euro-nightclubs, his residency, “RSL Discotheque” at Rum Sugar Lime, and annual “Deeper Disco” have quickly developed a cult followings. Combining his expertise in audio mixing, and DJing, you can occasionally hear handcrafted edits of his own being played in those late nite sets. “I feel Reno’s DJ scene is deeply associated with the playa, which is amazing, but I’m looking to revive the old-school DJ culture that started in legendary clubs like Paradise Garage, or by mix engineers like Tom Moulton and DJs like Danny Krivit that paved the way for where we are now.”

Uncle E, also known as Chris Ernst, will work alongside DJ Mark as Master of Ceremonies. The IVCB SkyShow, scheduled to take place on Tuesday, July 4th, promises to be an electrifying experience for attendees, featuring an enthralling Laser and Drone Show. Uncle E will infuse the atmosphere with his infectious energy and boundless enthusiasm, ensuring an unforgettable evening of entertainment.

From the Olympics, Sea World and the ESPN X Games to the Surf World Tour, Moto GP and over 100 Red Bull events, Chris Ernst (aka. Uncle E) has had the honor of being the voice and personality that helps bring events to life. His mantra of educate, entertain, and inform has helped add value to a plethora of diverse sports while engaging millions of viewers. As a former professional freestyle skier, a pioneer of the Olympic Sport of Skicross and event producer/consultant, Ernst knows how to speak the language of events and bring them to life. 

As the Master of Ceremonies, Uncle E will kick-start the festivities at 7 PM by engaging the audience in a series of captivating activities suitable for the entire family. Attendees can look forward to participating in U.S. and 4th of July trivia, with exciting prizes up for grabs. Uncle E’s vibrant personality and interactive approach will create an engaging atmosphere, fostering a sense of unity and enjoyment among the audience. *Bonus – Uncle’s E’s favorite holiday is July 4th!*

The SkyShow promises to be a remarkable celebration of patriotism, as families come together to revel in the spirit of the U.S. and commemorate the 4th of July in Incline Village/North Lake Tahoe.

For further information and updates on the IVCB SkyShow and the Local Heroes 4th of July Celebration events, please visit ivcba.org.

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