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The Local Lens – Calling All Local Heroes – Get Involved for the 4th!

May 18, 2022 | Linda Offerdahl

4th of July in Incline means a parade, pancakes, picnics with family on the beach, and fireworks. Some things have changed! Events are no longer organized under a single entity like they were in the past with Red, White, and Tahoe Blue. However, one website, 4thofjulytahoe.com  includes all events for the Local Heroes 4th of July Celebration. Go there to find all the latest updates. The biggest change is the drone Sky Show on the Incline Middle School ballfields instead of fireworks on the beach. Much safer and better for the environment. Please donate and help make it a success. Learn more by visiting ivcbskyshow.org

THE LOCAL HEROES PARADE AND COMMUNITY FAIR are looking for participants and volunteers! Right after the pancake breakfast at the NLTFPD fire station, the parade starts at 893 Southwood, crosses Village to the Incline Bowl, and turns right on Incline Way to the Rec Center and Village Green. The Community Fair starts immediately after the parade, around 11 am.


It’s lots of fun to be IN the parade. Join the bike parade, and make a float with your family, church, school, or other organization. Classic cars, walking groups, street performers…be creative!

BUT I DON’T KNOW HOW TO BUILD A FLOAT…. I didn’t either until I started Dress The Party, the costume and party store years ago. Now I am the go-to expert! Start with a trailer, cover the bottom with floral sheeting, and the sides with garland and fringe. Voila!  No costume and party store anymore, BUT Amazon has everything now, including patriotic decorations. It’s not that hard to make a float and your kids will love it. The more creative, the better!


We keep the same theme every year because it is patriotic and so versatile. Veterans and active military personnel who have defended our country ever since the Revolutionary War are always honored on the 4thof July.

However, heroes are found all around us and you can change out the heroes you are celebrating every year. Was this the year you got acquainted with the hospital because of COVID? Go for health care workers. Aren’t we all grateful for firefighters after last summer? Thanks to Dave & Cheryl Duffield, a fully funded Sheriff’s Office Incline Substation makes Captain Solferino’s team of peace officers so much more visible in the community. Teachers are at the top of the list too, showing such dedication to our youth through the last couple years of the pandemic. Community workers, moms, dads, whoever your local hero is, July 2nd is the day to honor them. P.S. superheroes are welcome too!


IVCBA and IVGID are bringing back the Community Fair. Sign up for tent space if you are a community organization, business, or someone who wants to meet the community on the 4th of July. Go to 4thofjulytahoe.com to sign up or to volunteer to help that day.

The Community Fair is bound to be well-attended because it is right after the parade and across the street from the beach. Share information about your organization, hand out freebies, especially beverages, or offer a game or entertainment. Kids needing a break from the beach will be happy to do a quieter activity or get their faces painted.


IVGID is organizing field and relay games run by the Incline High School sports teams. The Jambulance and Ryan Broliar will entertain us with interactive music and fun for everyone. 

Not to be missed is the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Meet and Greet. Sheriff Balaam, Incline Substation Captain Solferino and his sergeants and deputies will be on hand. All the Sheriff’s emergency and SWOT vehicles will be there, plus the mounted unit and the K-9 unit.

If you grew up here, or just happened to be a longtime local, you probably remember the Optimists Carnival on Incline Beach with its dunk tank and old-fashioned carnival games. The Community Fair has its roots in this very popular event run by the Optimists Club, which no longer exists in Incline Village. Red, White, and Tahoe Blue carried on the tradition, moving the Community Fair to the Village Green. 


We need you! We need strong younger people to decorate the parade route and set up the pop-up tents. We need experienced retired folks who can share their time and expertise at the Community Fair. Seriously, if you don’t have a ton of family coming up for the weekend, we could really use the help.

Did I mention where to sign up? The Local Heroes website, of course! Go to 4thofjulytahoe.com

To participate in the IVGID Bike Parade which kicks off the entire parade register here

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