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The Local Lens: Celebrating Teachers and Moms

May 4, 2022 | Linda Offerdahl

Never did I appreciate teachers as much as I did when I was a mom with school-age children! This week marks the national Teacher Appreciation Week as well as (Hallmark’s) Mother’s Day on Sunday. Teachers are found in and out of a classroom and not all mothers are biological. Let’s celebrate all the loving caring people that nurtured us through childhood and along our path through life.

Teaching was my first career out of college. I taught for seven years in Minnesota before realizing that my life was not falling into the traditional marriage and children routine in my twenties that I had expected. What I learned about teachers by being one, is that most of them care deeply about their students. They work hard to instill not just a love of learning and the ability to think, but also the life skills to get along with others and be responsible citizens of the world. As many parents work longer hours to provide household basics, a teacher connecting with a young person can make a huge difference in their life. Teachers do work long hours, so do most people. But I found the emotional toll of being involved in the lives of lots of students much more stressful than the careers I had in business. Teachers need that time off in the summer to recharge!  

 It took Richard and me eight years to realize we were meant to be married and raise children in Incline Village.  I was sure that my teaching background made me uniquely qualified to be a parent. Boy, was I wrong! As an older parent, I was clueless. I didn’t know the characters of Sesame Street, how many batteries it would take to run all those toys, and what a “time-out” meant to a 2-year-old.  I was quickly “schooled” by Nicole, Kirk, and Katelyn, all born between 1990 and 1993.  But I also learned to appreciate that not all learning takes place in school, and that “teachable moments” apply to growing up as well as learning math. Readiness for reading varies among children, and so does readiness for life. Moms, and by moms, I mean the primary caregiver, wear a lot of hats. I was a business manager (running the household), in charge of procurement (aka shopping), ER nurse (bandages and kisses for owies), referee, coach, therapist…. all of the jobs that parents take on. As my dad used to say, “Parenting is a job for which there is no training and no pay.” 


Mark your calendar for May 12…the date of the next Artist Reception at the Mountain Workspace Gallery. Help us welcome Lisa Jefferson, Barbara Trifletti, and Frannie Ramirez. 

We are just about to launch The Local Heroes website, where you will be able to learn all about the 4th of July events for 2022! We are looking for participants and volunteers for the Parade and Community Fair.


The Pet Station is now open in its new location with Village Ski Loft at the intersection of Tahoe Blvd and Northwood. 

The Mehfil Bistro, serving Indian Cuisine is now open, right next to Happy Tiers Bakery and Coffee Shop in the Christmas Tree Village.

I hear there is a “speakeasy” in town, but no one will tell me where and I don’t know the secret password. Miles at Incline Spirits might know.

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