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ALIBI – Celebrating the Love Shared in 2023

February 27, 2024 | Member Submitted

Beer has been bringing people together and building community (and even civilizations!) for thousands of years, and Team Alibi is proud to carry that torch. From providing our beer to events around the region, offering our venues for fundraisers, to raising money through clothing swaps and concerts and creatively collaborating with non-profits whenever possible, we supported 35+ organizations in 2023!⁠

We are so proud to be a staple in our North Tahoe/Truckee community. We’d like to express a huge and heart-felt THANK YOU to YOU – our community – for supporting us so we can, in turn, support the many local organizations that make our world a better place.

At a time when our world is feeling increasingly divided, let’s remember that we are ONE interconnected and interdependent community. When you choose to support local non-profits and locally-owned businesses, you are helping to build a more resilient community. It’s that simple, and it’s more important than ever. And that’s something we can all raise a pint to. Cheers!

Submitted online from Alibi

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