Welcome to IVCBA, the community and business association! Our mission is “Build community and grow cohesiveness for the sustainability of Incline Village and Crystal Bay, Nevada.” Our vision is “A thriving community that supports and is supported by its businesses, nonprofits, agencies, and residents.”   Besides this community website, we publish SnapShot, a weekly newsletter, LIVE.WORK.PLAY., a seasonal magazine, and a merchant map. We also organize major community events such as the Local Heroes Parade and Community Fair and the Northern Lights Festival in December. In between, we offer mixers, community meetings, and other programs. If you share our vision of a thriving community, please join!


IVCBA is a 501(c)(6) charitable organization operating in the state of Nevada. Originally known as ICBA, its name was formally changed to IVCBA, Incline Village Crystal Bay Association in March 2021. The management team consists of a board of directors, an unpaid Executive Director, and paid staff. Volunteers help host events. 

Executive Director/Operations Manager: Linda Offerdahl  

Marketing & Communications Manager: Kristin Derrin

Community Engagement Liaison: Jonathon Gardner

Business Administrator, IVCBA.org & Community Events: Julie Malkin-Manning/Sugar Pine Events and Marketing

LIVE.WORK.PLAY. Magazine: Kathy Hess-Slocum/Just Imagine Marketing & Design

2022 IVCBA Annual Report


Our mission: Build community and grow cohesiveness for the sustainability of Incline Village and Crystal Bay, Nevada. 

Our vision: A thriving community where residents, businesses, agencies, and nonprofit stakeholders mutually support each other. 

Unique Selling Proposition: IVCBA is a hybrid “chamber” business association that also promotes and supports the whole community, not just its businesses. It manages a comprehensive community website and provides local news sources to supplement regional newspapers. It is uniquely promoting and advocating for a small community competing for the county, state, and regional resources against larger ones. 


The key strategic programs for this goal are the membership program and the communication tools: the website, SnapShot newsletter, and LIVE.WORK.PLAY., a seasonal magazine. The IVCBA.org website is the core of the association. It holds community resources and identifies the six key community groups that are news sources and around which programs are designed. The newsletter and magazine are vehicles to promote our community and build a sense of resident unity instead of isolation. 


Establish IVCBA as the unifying community leader/resource for organizations and residents who want a thriving community where they LIVE.WORK.PLAY.

The membership program is designed to engage everyone in the community: a larger free subscriber base, along with paid memberships ranging from $50 Community Supporters, $150 -$1,000 business members, and $5,000 – $25,000 founding members. 


Build community by promoting and supporting its organizations 

Business programs include a merchant map, the Tap Into Tahoe Welcome program, and BizBuz Mixers that give community updates at a local business. 

Signature events such as the Local Heroes Parade and the Northern Lights Festival bring people together for fun while giving organizations a vehicle for promotion and helping build community. Holiday lighting established in December 2021 was a huge boost to local community spirit. 


Grow cohesiveness by fostering collaboration and advocacy 

IVCBA takes on initiatives that fall outside the remit of other local entities, for example, commercial revitalization (Nevada Mainstreet program) and beautification (roundabouts, community signage). The Washoe Tahoe Community Collaborative Summit brings nonprofits together with the Human Services Agency. Inclined to Meet is our meeting platform that brings members together for presentations and forum-style discussions.  


Be a sustainable financial organization 

The revenue strategy is built around grants and founding memberships from agencies and local philanthropists. Funding from Washoe County and the State of Nevada will be sought. Community and business memberships contribute nominal funding to IVCBA. Although we do receive a stipend from Mountain Workspace, its true value is in the free professional office and meeting space that helps build our credibility as an established organization that can convene people in its own space. LIVE.WORK.PLAY. and SnapShot both represent potential sources of advertising revenue as we build their reputation and following. 


IVCBA is the community and business association in Incline Village Crystal Bay. Originally founded in 2009, it was re-established in March 2021 to include Crystal Bay and to address issues confronting the community due to the pandemic, the loss of a local newspaper, and competition for resources with Reno and California. In the last year, funding was obtained through a generous grant from the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation and grants from other founding members. These funds allowed IVCBA to fund an initial membership drive and develop the IVCBA.org website. 

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