Welcome to IVCBA, the community and business association! Our mission is “Build community and grow cohesiveness for the sustainability of Incline Village and Crystal Bay, Nevada.” Our vision is “A thriving community that supports and is supported by its businesses, nonprofits, agencies, and residents.”   Besides this community website, we publish SnapShot, a weekly newsletter, LIVE.WORK.PLAY., a seasonal magazine, and a merchant map. We also organize major community events such as the Local Heroes Parade and Community Fair and the Northern Lights Festival in December. In between, we offer mixers, community meetings, and other programs. If you share our vision of a thriving community, please join!


IVCBA is a 501(c)(6) charitable organization operating in the state of Nevada. Originally known as ICBA, its name was formally changed to IVCBA, Incline Village Crystal Bay Association in March 2021. The management team consists of a unpaid board of directors, an unpaid Executive Director, and paid staff. Volunteers help host events. 

Executive Director/Operations Manager: Linda Offerdahl  

Marketing & Communications Manager: Kristin Derrin

Community Engagement Liaison: Jonathon Gardner

Business Administrator, IVCBA.org & Community Events: Julie Malkin-Manning/Sugar Pine Events and Marketing

LIVE.WORK.PLAY. Magazine: Kathy Hess-Slocum/Just Imagine Marketing & Design

2023 IVCBA Annual Report – click the image below to read.

IVCBA 2024 Business Plan

IVCBA is the community and business association in Incline Village Crystal Bay. It provides a framework to support and engage our residents, businesses, and nonprofits, thereby creating a more cohesive and sustainable community. It is “pro-community” and aims to help our community stakeholders work together in positive ways, including programs designed to promote and support local businesses and nonprofits. The community website (IVCBA.org), SnapShot weekly newsletter, social media channels, and the LIVE.WORK.PLAY. quarterly magazines are the core communication platforms and content is primarily gathered from member agencies, businesses, and nonprofits. Signature events such as the Local Heroes Parade and the Northern Lights Festival bring the community together and promote member organizations. 

IVCBA business membership more than pays for itself in promotions and interactions with the community. Residents like the local news and events that bring people together. Businesses join because they can see that the work on community connection initiatives like housing and transportation is an investment in the future of our community. It benefits employers, employees, locals and second homeowners.2024 plans expand the number of interactions between residents  and community agencies, businesses and nonprofits. It also builds collaborations with Washoe County and agencies to bring attention to the  larger issues such as housing, revitalization and redevelopment that need those agencies to invest in Washoe Tahoe. Since we have no local government, it is critical that we align with Washoe County, TNTNV, and  hopefully IVGID to create a stronger voice for Washoe Tahoe

2024 Operating Plan Highlights and Goals Summary

  • Expand IVCBA’s leadership position as the primary community communication resource
    • Ads in SnapShot
    • More promotions on social media
  • Retain and build a membership base of 260 + 100 community supporters
    • Recruit more Community Supporter members as “paid subscriptions” to SnapShot
  • Strengthen and grow the IVCBA business community through programs
    • Business Resource Guide microsite on IVCBA.org
    • Virtual merchant map
    • Variety of mixers/meetings
      • Business/Financial Industry, member to member
      • Special program for summer sports/cultural events
    • Stronger working relationship with NLT Chamber
    • Hire a Program coordinator in late summer
  • Build a stronger base of support for residents.
    • Collaborate with Incliners for welcome bag distribution
    • Washoe Tahoe Leadership Academy
    • Reach out to Latinx community
  • Engage all segments of the community in community events. Promote the Meet and Greet aspect of:
    • Local Heroes 
    • Northern Lights
    • Partner events Incline Library Block Party and Community Clean-up
    • Sheriff’s Picnic 
  • Grow cohesiveness by fostering collaboration and advocacy with community connection initiatives
    • Follow ups to WTHP housing roadmap and building local support
    • Incline Village Main Street program
      • Economic analysis dashboard to provide data for decision making
      • Beautification: roundabout/Inclined to Bloom
      • Transportation/walking map
      • Commercial signage
  • Be a sustainable financial organization.
    • Present a proposal to TNTNV to run programs that are mutually beneficial for both organizations.
    • Work toward funding from Washoe County in FY24/25 to continue work on community connection initiatives funded by the ARPA grant

Click here to read or download IVCBA’s 2024 Business Plan.

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