The high cost of gas, coupled with the lack of local workforce housing has led to a chronic shortage of workers in Washoe Tahoe, indeed within the Tahoe Basin. 

In the summer of 2022, a committee organized by the Washoe Tahoe Housing Partnership conducted a workforce transportation survey. It led to the use of Regional Transit Commission VanPools at the Hyatt Lake Tahoe, under the leadership of Michael Murphy, General Manager of the Hyatt.  

Additional VanPools are a possible solution for other employers. However, longer-term solutions are needed to address the needs of business owners of all sizes and their employees. 

Updates on Workforce Transportation/Transportation in the Region

April 26, 2023: Washoe County Board of County Commissioners votes to approve Tahoe Transportation Plan.

Using a combination of data collection, agency coordination, and community engagement, Washoe County has developed a Tahoe Transportation Plan, which was formally recognized as a guiding document with actionable solutions to transportation issues in the Incline Village area. The plan includes recommendations related to local/regional trip reduction programs, multimodal accommodations, transit service, parking, intersection safety, snow removal, State Route 28 (SR 28), and technology. The document concludes with an overview of funding sources available for various types of improvements, along with recommendations for implementation timeframes and responsibilities.

“Community engagement in the Tahoe area, specific to transportation issues were very important. We knew that on the onset,” Assistant County Manager Dave Solaro said. “So we wanted to identify all the transportation needs from the community and develop recommendations along the pertinent corridors.

“I commend your work and our multi-jurisdictional team,” Chair Alexis Hill said. “Hearing from more than 200 community members is incredible, and I’m excited to do the work to move forward.”  (Source: Washoe County)

April 20, 2023: Incline Village Mobility Hub Public Information Workshop was held by Tahoe Transportation District. Learn more here.

March 9, 2023: Facilitated by IVCBA, Incline Village/Crystal Bay business leaders and employers meet with area regional transportation officials to discuss commuter needs and possible solutions. 

Officials from the Regional Transportation Commission, the Tahoe Transportation District, TNT/TMA, Placer County, Washoe County, and Travel North Tahoe Nevada were present.


Transportation Resources in Washoe County and North Lake Tahoe

Incline Village Mobility Hub – Tahoe Transportation District (TTD)

Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County, NV (RTC)

VanPool –  Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County, NV

Carpool – RTC Smart Trips and Trips Match

Tahoe Truckee Area Regional Transit (TART)


TART East Shore Shuttle (Incline Village to Sand Harbor)

IVGID senior transportation

Tahoe Taxi Express

Tahoe Checker Taxi

North Tahoe Limo

North Lake Tahoe Express – Airport Shuttle

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