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In The News – IES Showcases Its Makerspace Geared Towards Innovative STEM Curriculum

November 11, 2023 | Kayla Anderson

Originally Published in The Tahoe Daily Tribune 11/11/2023, Written by Kayla Anderson

What first struck me about Incline Elementary School when I pulled up to the building is how a well-dressed man greeted every car, opening the door for the student and watching to make sure they made it safely inside, like a high-end valet service. (I would later learn that the man who welcomed the students was Principal John Stern.)

After his morning announcement to all students, Stern whisks us into Trina Kleinhenz’s classroom, otherwise known as the Makerspace. In these classes, “Ms. Trina” as her students call her, brings Gifted & Talented strategies to all students through project-based learning, development of critical thinking skills, discussions, and hands-on/self-directed activities. She collaborates with other teachers to create cross-curricular projects, including computer science and coding robots. While still in elementary school, students are learning to perform specific tasks in engineering design and by offering these programs to all students, the school district is promoting equity and diversity in the field of computer science beginning early in their academic careers.


Photo Credit: Kayla Anderson

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