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In The News – New resources for Tahoe backcountry skiers, riders, seasoned and new

December 17, 2023 | Member Submitted

Originally Published in The Tahoe Daily Tribune 12/17/2023, Written by Katelyn Welsh

Richard Bothwell speaks loudly, so he can be heard over the howling wind and gives the conditions report for the day, capping it off with “A-plus,” he says. It’s always an A-plus day on the snow, unless there’s free coffee and cookies. Then it’s an A-plus-plus day. 

Bothwell hopes his new guidebook, Light Tours of Tahoe, will help others get out and have an A-plus day, perhaps even an A-plus-plus day of their own. 

He holds to his sunny outlook, even on these windy days and says in his social media videos, “if you like conditions like this, you’ll love the conditions today, A+.”


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