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In The News – Ride Like a Local: A Newbies Guide to Skiing and Snowboarding

January 13, 2024 | Miranda Jacobson

Originally Published in Tahoe Daily Tribune 01/13/2024, Written by Miranda Jacobson – Tahoe Magazine

It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting Lake Tahoe for a weekend or if you’ve lived in the basin for years; the question is always the same: “Do you ride?” 

It’s a common one to be asked, and more times than not, most people just have the same enthusiastic answer: “Yes!” Which is to be followed by the differentiation of whether or not one skis, snowboards, or even ski bikes. The answer could even include how many come out to Lake Tahoe just to experience the one-in-a-lifetime pow and witness the breathtaking views. 

But riding the slopes of Lake Tahoe can be expensive, and for someone who doesn’t know how or where to start, the feat could be daunting. 
Do you rent gear your first time and pay for lessons, or do you have a friend that can lend you some gear and a lesson or two? Where do you go to buy gear? What resort should you start at? Is it worth it to buy a pricey pass? 


Photo Credit: Tahoe Daily Tribune – Kierra Keller

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