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PINE NUTS – Picture This If You Will

September 29, 2023 | McAvoy Lane

A friend sent me a video entitled, “Nothing but Smiles,” and it was so chockfull of smiles that it brought a tear to my eye. So I thought I might try to recount it here with words that could never do the video justice, but still might bring you, the gentle reader, a smile…

This slow-moving saga begins at a public drinking fountain in a public park with a distinguished looking gentleman holding the water on for his German Shepard, who is lapping away with a look in his eyes that says, “Thanks, Pops, let’s catch a bite to eat on the way home, then settle-in to another rerun of “A Dog’s Way Home.” 

The second scene features another elderly gentleman, this time with two dogs, and the three of them are carelessly exercising on public foot swings, each offering sideways glances of approval to the other two, a sight to make a homeless person smile.

Scene three presents a mature gentleman cuddling two large parrots that are in turn, cuddling him. It’s a lovefest, and they are one loving family. Just to watch makes you want to run out and hug somebody…

Scene four? A toddler busies himself lifting ducklings from a basket, and tossing them one by one, unceremoniously, into a large basin of water, then hosing them down. The toddler seems self-satisfied, while the ducklings appear to be enjoying the novel adventure. It is obvious that the toddler is destined to be a successful businessman someday.

Scene five is reposeful. A large cow and a young lady are sleeping next to each other when the cow lifts his heavy head and plops it down on the young lady’s stomach. Both continue their rest as though nothing has happened. Personally, I would have awakened and bellowed like a newborn calf had it been me.

Scene six, my favorite, highlights a large sea lion and attractive young lady embracing and mugging for the camera, both beaming and both sticking out their tongues at the same time. If you don’t smile at this synchronicity you ain’t right…

In scene seven a large goose flies alongside a speedboat, letting passengers reach out and pet its stomach, and everyone seems gratified.

Scene eight showcases two mountain goats balanced on a precarious precipice a thousand feet in the air, enjoying the scenery as if they were on level ground. Placed in the same spot, my heart would be in my throat and my eyes would be sealed shut.

The ninth scene boasts a young kayaker paddling along without a care in the world. His passenger just happens to be a gigantic Bengal tiger, looking much like the captain of a majestic Indiaman, plowing the great seas under a cloud of sail.

In a closing scene, an elegant lady on a second story balcony is feeding two equally elegant giraffes, and we have to know, thanks to this beautiful video, all of these wonderful characters will live happily ever after… 

Audio: https://anchor.fm/mcavoy-layne

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