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Take it Slow, Tahoe yard signs are free to the public!

July 6, 2024 | Member Submitted

Published at Take Care Tahoe: https://takecaretahoe.org/take-action/take-it-slow/

Interested in keeping the roads in your neighborhood safe? This summer, you can pick up a free Take it Slow yard sign at one of five distribution sites around the lake. If you picked up a yard sign last summer and held onto it through the winter, please put it back up! Extra stands are also available at the pickup locations if needed.

Why Take it Slow? According to the June 2022 New Yorker article When Cars Kill, “the average pedestrian, if struck by a car moving at forty miles per hour, has about a fifty-per-cent chance of survival. If the car is going twenty miles per hour, the pedestrian has more than a ninety-per-cent chance.” 

Incline Village resident Helen Neff proposed the campaign to Take Care Tahoe partners after being hit by a reckless driver in her hometown while legally crossing the street in a crosswalk on a clear day in 2021.


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