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Zero Tolerance for Fireworks & Burning Solid Fuels 

July 3, 2023 | Member Submitted

To prevent dangerous wildfires and injuries, the use of fireworks and solid fuels is forbidden. Effective from June 26, 2023, the North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District has imposed summer fire restrictions until further notice. These restrictions include a complete ban on the use of fireworks and solid fuels, including but not limited to sparklers, snakes, firecrackers, rockets and charcoal and wood. Please be aware that this restriction also applies to the charcoal grilling areas in IVGID parks and beaches. By complying with these regulations, we can minimize fire hazards and ensure the safety of our community.

Please note that federal and state lands campfire restrictions may differ. Check the local fire restrictions pertinent to your location.

This is also a reminder during Red Flag Warnings, all sources of outdoor open flame, including gas fire pits/grills and pellet grills/smokers are prohibited.

The National Weather Service (NWS) Reno issues Red Flag Warnings to alert land management officials and fire agencies when the potential of critical weather that could lead to wildfire activity. We urge our citizens to check the weather before participating in outdoor activities. 

Prepare for wildfire and maintain your defensible space. Sign up for our chipping and defensible space inspection services. To learn more about how to prepare for wildfire and home hardening, please visit Living With Fire Tahoe. Please visit Code Red to register for emergency alert notifications in Washoe County.

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