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Lake Tahoe School’s Chess Team are State Champions!

March 11, 2024 | Member Submitted

Submitted by Allie Sacci from Lake Tahoe School

Calling all Bobcat fans: You might not have heard yet, but our very own Chess Team just aced their first year with a phenomenal win at the Nevada State Championship! Last weekend, a group of dedicated students and their families braved the elements to compete in Las Vegas.

For many of these young players, it was their first ever chess tournament. Despite just starting this year, our Chess Team brought home the 2024 NV State Champions title in the K-5 Reserve Division! This victory is even sweeter considering we faced some real competition. Our Bobcats were a small but mighty team, facing off against much larger teams. But that didn’t stop them! Every single player won at least one game (with some ties as well).

Here’s a breakdown of their incredible results:

K-3 Championship

Cal M. – Tied 6th on score, 7th on tiebreaks

Jaiden B. – Tied 24th on score, 25th on tiebreaks

Alex L. – Tied 24th on score, 29th on tiebreaks

Nicholas B. – Tied 39th on score, 40th on tiebreaks

Reya B. – Tied 39th on score, 41st on tiebreaks

K-5 Reserve

Eric I. – Undisputed State Champion!

Alora H. – Tied 3rd on score, 4th on tiebreaks

Abby I. – Tied 5th on score, 8th on tiebreaks

Max G. – Tied 18th on score, 19th on tiebreaks

Jameson H. – Tied 18th on score, 21st on tiebreaks

K-12 Reserve

Acadia H. – Tied 1st place, 2nd on tiebreaks

Kora O. – Tied 5th on score, 5th on tiebreaks

Putting together this championship team in less than a year is a true accomplishment. Huge thanks to Coach Eric for his dedication in leading these amazing students to victory, with support from Mr. Jude and Coach Anastasia.

Here’s a fun fact: out of all the trophies awarded in the lower grade divisions, three of the four girls who won were on our Chess Team – Acadia, Kora, and Alora! Looks like our Bobcats have some girl power on the board. And the good news keeps coming! These talented young players will get to compete again at the Girls’ State Championship right here in Duffield Hall on Saturday, April 20th.

We can’t wait to cheer them on! Congratulations to the Lake Tahoe School Chess Team for this incredible win! Go Bobcats!

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