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In The News: Embracing Change and the Environment this Fourth of July

June 13, 2023 | Member Submitted

Originally published in MoonShine Ink 06/08/2023, Written by Katie Bigger

As Tahoe residents, we all experienced the devastating impacts of the Caldor Fire in 2021, as well as other massive wildfires in recent years, and witnessed firsthand the profound effects they had on our businesses and homes. Whether the fires directly impacted our own homes, our livelihoods, or the beautiful landscape that drew us to this area in the first place, it’s become an annual and truly unfortunate part of life for people in the mountain west.

I remember the journey of driving back to the East Coast, my car packed with belongings, leaving behind my home on the West Shore after being evacuated for the Caldor Fire. Many of us were forced to temporarily leave, and some businesses are still grappling with the aftermath of the smoke and fires. Every summer, in the back of everyone’s minds, visitors’ and locals’ alike, the question lingers when and if the smoke will settle in, or, worse yet, if another evacuation will happen. The aftermath of these, and future wildfires, has forever altered life in our beautiful mountain town.

The decision made by the Tahoe City Downtown Association (TCDA), alongside our neighbors in Kings Beach and Incline Village, to replace traditional fireworks with an aerial drone light show is a testament to the unwavering commitment of North Tahoe toward Sierra stewardship and sustainability. 


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