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The Local Lens – Celebrate the 4th of July

June 7, 2023 | Linda Offerdahl


New traditions are being established for the 4th of July. For the second year, a drone show will replace the traditional fireworks display. The event this year will be an evening of family entertainment culminating in a laser show followed by a drone show. 

Some background: Incline’s traditional fireworks were originally funded by some of the local philanthropists on Lakeshore: Michael Milken and Warren Trepp, along with IVGID and the Visitor Bureau. In 2006, Red, White and Tahoe Blue was established to host the fireworks, along with a weekend of events including a local parade. For years, we celebrated our country and our veterans with fireworks. The US Air Force Pararescue jumpers (PJs) performed a training mission over Lake Tahoe too. Then COVID hit and we could not have any celebration in 2020. The Red White and Tahoe Blue organization has disbanded the year before. The PJs cannot do their training mission on a private beach anymore. The beaches are overcrowded already on any weekend, but especially so over the peak 4th of July week. 

The fire danger in Tahoe has been steadily increasing. The Caldor fire in Southshore in 2021 was a wakeup call that we couldn’t ignore. It takes a lot more than one big winter to overcome that danger. At the same time, awareness and concern for Lake Tahoe clarity has increased. We can no longer close our eyes to the pollutants and massive effort, including scuba divers, to clean up the Lake after the fireworks. 

Enter a more technologically modern approach to celebrations: laser and drone shows. The drone company, Verge Aero, was selected for its quality drones with a longer battery than most. We can expect to see patriotic images as well as some of our local heroes such as firefighters and teachers. The event will be held on Ridgeline ballfields, behind Incline Middle School on Incline Way. Spectators are invited to join their neighbors for an evening of family entertainment. Food trucks and beer tents by Incline Spirits will be on hand. Bowl Incline will be selling takeout food across the street. DJ Mark Sexton and Emcee “Uncle E” will entertain the crowd before the laser and drone show. Most of all, expect to enjoy a relaxing evening  spent with your family and friends.

I hear a lot of complaining about visitors at this time of the year. Here’s a gentle reminder that most of those visitors own property and are the ones occupying their second homes over the 4th of July week. In others, words, they are locals, albeit part time. Travel North Tahoe Nevada, aka the Welcome Center is focusing their efforts on sustainable tourism. Visitors and locals alike are encouraged to take the Traveler Responsiblity pledge to keep Lake Tahoe and its surrounding environment clean and free from litter. The IVCB SkyShow is an extension of our commitment to these sustainability efforts.

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Get all the details on the 2023 4th of July IVCB SkyShow

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