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March 20, 2024 | Linda Offerdahl


Out of a growing need for more “unity” in our community,  the community and business association was re-formed into the IVCBA. Four years ago, COVID was rampant, many businesses were closed and our service workers didn’t have jobs. Many organizations stepped forward to help ameliorate the situation. It reminded all of us to set aside politics and help our neighbor. Out of that environment IVCBA has grown to be a vibrant organization with over 285 members, including 160+  businesses, local agencies, nearly every nonprofit, along with residents as community supporters. It remains apolitical with a mission to “Grow cohesiveness for the sustainability of Incline Village and Crystal Bay”. The vision is a thriving community that supports and is supported by its agencies, businesses, nonprofits, and residents. 

  • IVCBA fills the need for local information through IVCBA.org, its weekly SnapShot newsletter and seasonal magazine Live.Work.Play.
  • IVCBA fills the need for unification and promotion of community events.
  • IVCBA promotes the business community.
  • IVCBA works with Washoe County, agencies, and nonprofits on community initiatives such as housing and “Main Street” revitalization.

If you like the newsletter you are reading as a subscriber, why not help fund it by becoming a Community Supporter for $50? Go to IVCBA.org to join online, and join us tonight at the annual meeting at the Chateau at 6pm. Hear Washoe County Manager Brown speak and enjoy the “mingle and greet” afterwards with our agencies and nonprofits. 


Wondering what’s going on Tahoe Blvd in front of Christmas Tree Village? A faulty mainline water valve is being repaired. Businesses will be closed through tomorrow. Check websites to see who’s open Thursday night .  DID YOU KNOW…every establishment in that center is run by a small locally owned business? 

GOOD-BYE to Lake Tahoe Lockshop, Thank you to Mike and Linda Sullivan for their 20+ years of service. HELLO to Incline Lock and owner Mike Harbers. His lock shop is located on the lower level of the Centerpointe Building. 


March 24: Brunch and Brews event at Alibi with Tahoe Gifting Company 

Incline Village Crystal Bay Restaurant Week: April 15-21. Details HERE

Check out all of the business and community events on the calendar at IVCBA.org.


Get involved and informed! 

Friday, March 22: Washoe County Neighborhood Meeting (zoom at 6pm)  on the special use permit requests for two private schools, St. Clare’s(at St. Francis) and Village Church School. Zoom link

Monday, March 25: CAB meeting in person at Incline Library at 5:30 or on zoom

Wednesday, March 27: IVGID Town Hall meeting and  Kevin Lyons  speaking on governance


April 25: TFS’s fundraiser Noir et Blanc Details at TFS.org.

May 3-4: Incline Star Follies. Help support the public schools. DONATE: inclinestarfollies@gmail.com

4th of July Fireworks are coming back this year!

March 21: Rotary Music Contest starting at 4:30 in the theater at Incline High School, followed by Speech Contest at 6:30. Topic is “Spreading Hope”.

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