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June 14, 2023 | Linda Offerdahl

There has been a lot of dissension in our little village lately!  It is making IVCBA’s mission…that of “building cohesiveness for the sustainability of Incline Village and Crystal Bay” very difficult. My rose-colored glasses think it’s a good thing that many people are paying attention to the issues. It is my sincere hope that residents can agree to disagree, remain civil and value solutions that may be a compromise but don’t compromise one’s integrity and values. Here are some “golden rules” for civility that encourage the expression of multiple viewpoints

  • Focus on the issue, not the person: no personal attacks under the guise of free speech.
  • Constructive, not destructive, criticism.
  • Keep to the topic at hand.
  • Keep an open mind and listen, respectively.
  • Don’t jump to conclusions. Listen to all viewpoints.
  • Be gracious if other opinions prevail.

These rules apply to individuals and to organizations!

I encourage everyone to be a knowledgeable citizen. Attend meetings…the IVGID board meetings (tonight), IVGID’s Conversation Café on Thursdays, Community Forum on 1st and 3rd Fridays (this Friday), and WC Citizen Advisory Board meetings. For information on IVGID meetings, go to yourtahoeplace.com. For the latest information on the possible middle school closure, go to WCSD.org or IVCBA.org/education. WCSD has published their Questions and Answers from the last meeting. They are published in this week’s SnapShot

Invest in Incline is an Advocacy Network. IVCB community 1st has the best coverage of agency meetings. 


Two years ago, Sierra Nevada University made the decision to become part of the University of Nevada’s high education system. This was very difficult for many who had known and loved SNU. However, with declining enrollment(across the country) and COVID, UNR was the best option to keep an institution of higher learning open in Incline. It took one year to make that transition. 

Last July, UNR officially took over.  Dr. Jill Heaton has worked tirelessly to ensure that SNU students could complete their degrees and that the campus would be used effectively by UNR for education. Its “Semester at Lake Tahoe” will take advantage of the strengths of the campus and its location. Dr. Heaton has worked to ensure that UNR continues to be engaged with the community.  

Classical Tahoe will continue to hold its summer concerts on the campus. The Holman Art Center is still a resource for the community. Reasons to walk the campus this summer: the Demonstration Garden for ideas on native plants for your garden, Tahoe Science Center for hands-on exhibits for Lake Tahoe and geology, the paths along the creek and between the campus and the Rec Center to enjoy the outdoors without getting on a bike or the East Shore Trail. Let me know if you see my ideal “Community Christmas Tree!”.  


Yes, it’s a Hallmark moment. But can there really be too many days to honor people who raised you and loved you? If there is someone in your life, biological or not, who was a significant person in your life now or at some point, thank them!


I saw NDOT putting up the new signs for service and faith-based organizations that we made last year. If anyone can get past all the road construction to see them, let me know how they look! I am grateful for the road repair, but I have exhausted all my work- arounds for the construction sites. Glad NDOT and Washoe County Roads are ON IT!

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