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The Local Lens – Good News for 2024

January 24, 2024 | Linda Offerdahl

I just got back from a cruise to Panama. Glad to get back to colder weather! It seems like the mood in Incline parallels that. I hear grumbling about many things, from inadequate clearing of the snow from the sidewalks to too many visitors. Sometimes it feels like we have so little control in a small town, maybe especially in a small town. The weather is a big factor: no snow, fewer visitors, and vice versa. The growth in Reno has led to more day visitors. IMO, a lack of resort accommodations has contributed to more Short-Term Rentals. What we can control is our attitude. I am pleased when I hear people giving constructive criticism and solutions, not just throwing roadblocks in the way of developments they are against and yet are needed for our economy and community to thrive. 

Employee housing is arguably the single most important issue to residents, and yet so hard to accomplish due to high costs and regulations. TRPA removed some of those restrictions in December, allowing more height and density in employee housing in commercial zones. The worry is that something built for workforce housing will eventually be unrestricted. But the hurdles shouldn’t preclude us from trying. Kudos to Randy Fleisher of Hamilton Realty Finance, the developer behind Nine 47 for taking on a development for employee housing at a separate location. Stay tuned.

IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING, the bear on the roundabout is slightly askew due to an accident with a car. An accident report was filed with the Sheriff’s Office and IVCBA is working to get it repaired. IVCBA’s Main Street program is spearheading a review of the roundabout design to make recommendations for improvements. It was completed in September 2012, thanks to Jim Clark, Lee Weber Koch, and Don Kanare. By the way, those animal sculptures were all purchased by private individuals to honor their special pet. It was originally called Spumoni Circle, named after Don Kanare’s cat.  Longtime resident Jerry Steward donated the funds for the bear in honor of his wife Lois, both of them quite active in the community. June Tovill Brown is the sculptor who created them. 


The CAB is run by Diane Becker and other informed residents who are on top of current happenings at the County and other agencies. The meetings are now scheduled for the last Monday of the month. They often have presentations that are of interest to residents. At the one on Monday this week, Washoe County Manager Eric Brown gave a review of their accomplishments. Please contact us for Pdf versions of the reports. TRPA presented its Vision Zero plan to reduce traffic accidents. Yes, Washoe Tahoe is included in some of those plans! Vision Zero is part of the Regional Transportation Plan that TRPA is updating this year. Please submit comments to TRPA by Feb 2.


IT’S TRUE! The Incline Star Follies is coming back on May 3 and 4. COVID was one of the factors that caused the 20-year-long run of the show to end in 2020. The Follies is a lip-synching variety show that brings students together with adults for a good cause: education. The camaraderie and unity of the community that comes from this show are unparalleled. If you get asked to be in it, do so! No talent is required. More background on the Follies in another Lens.


The old library building (adjacent to the new one) contains a community center that is set to reopen soon. Factors that affected its closure are COVID and the repurposing of the building to the Incline Justice Court. More on that in another blog. Although the community center space has been reduced, it will still have a room big enough for cards or mahjong when the remodeling is finished. The community will have access to a board room for smaller meetings and other activities. Incline Library has plans for programs, including art classes. Stay tuned. 

John Crockett from the Incline Village Library wants everyone to know they can inquire about using the space.  They will have online reservations for the board room active next week.  As well they will have a link to reservations and availability on their website. Or just give them a call: 775-832-4130.

And a big shout out to Jim Dykstra, local volunteer extraordinaire and biggest champion for the Center. Jim says that the Mahjong Games should start up next Monday.


This is a popular fundraiser and community event the Diamond Peak Ski Education Foundation. Think kids and seniors ski racing! Keep the kids off the street and the seniors ON the street…or at least moving.

Find the details for ULLR Fest HERE.

IVCBA 2024

We are busy meeting with members, staff, and the board to plan for 2024. Our annual meeting is on Thursday, Feb 29, at the Chateau at 6 pm.  Washoe County Manager Brown will be our guest speaker.  IVCBA puts a lot of emphasis on the community part of our association; what is good for residents is often good for businesses and their employees, too. We promote all organizations that join….which includes the nonprofits and agencies. But our biggest base of support is our residents. Please consider joining IVCBA as a community supporter for $50 at IVCBA.org. 

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