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The Local Lens – How do we HEAL our Community?

November 1, 2023 | Linda Offerdahl

Do we have more than our fair share of conflict in this little village? I don’t know. But right now, IVCBA’s mission of “building cohesiveness for the sustainability of Incline Village and Crystal Bay” seems even more difficult. For those of us who want a thriving community, how do we move forward when there seem to be so many contentious issues, rigid positions, and sides taken that don’t leave room for compromise…and how do we trust that our government and agencies are looking out for our best interests when we can’t agree on what those best interests are?! I applaud those in our community who work tirelessly on issues and work to make Incline a better place. But it’s time to take a pause and remember that we are in a small village, and life is better if we try to get along or at least be tolerant.

Whether it’s from a religious book, lessons taught by your parents, ethics classes in college, or what you learned in kindergarten, can we apply those principles to working together and healing our community? Here’s my best collection of truisms from Richard’s mother, among others, that all hold more than one grain of truth.

  • You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
  • If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.
  • You don’t learn anything when you are talking.
  • Never compromise your integrity.
  • To err is human; to forgive is sublime.

And last, Be generous, with your time, talent, and treasure…from Carla Hanson, the “Mother Theresa” of Incline Village who started the Parasol Foundation, along with Warren Trepp and others.

Sometimes this is awkward, but IVCBA works hard to maintain a neutral position on issues. Our 270 members all have different opinions. We advocate for more information and more interaction to discern what an issue is about and how it will affect our community. We support the governments in power and recognize that elections give us the opportunity to make changes when we are not happy with the direction that the government is taking. We are about “building community” and sometimes that means change. And no one likes changes. As the old saw goes, I’m all for progress, it’s change, it’s change I can’t stand. 

Here’s what IVCBA does to Build Community:

  • Support and promote our agencies, businesses, and nonprofits.
  • Provide information through a community website, IVCBA.org, SnapShot, and Live.Work.Play.
  • Organize community-wide events, like the upcoming Northern Lights Celebration.
  • Convene people and encourage education and positive interactions.
  • Turn on the holiday lights!

If you share our vision of a thriving community that supports, and is supported by, our agencies, businesses, and nonprofits, won’t you please join as a Community Supporter for $50? Go to www.ivcba.org.

Upcoming meetings and ways to get more information:

Tahoe Transportation District and its recent decision to dismantle the community engagement committee: CAB(Citizen Advisory Committee) meeting on Thursday, Nov 2 at 5:30 p.m.

Washoe County School District and their pending decision to close Incline Middle School. 

Join the committee and be part of the process. Learn more at WCSD.net/

Community Forum: Friday, November 3 at 10am at Incline Library.

IVGID: The next board meeting is November 8.

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