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Business Profile: Mountain Workspace

October 6, 2021 | Ashleigh (Easley) Goodwin

Mountain Workspace is a co-working community in Incline Village, Nevada, featuring private offices, dedicated workstations, open workspace, mail delivery, and a conference room for rent. Click here to see more information.

At the close of September we introduced IVCBA@Mountain Workspace. A community within a community, what could be more appropriate than that for IVCBA’s home base? As you drive down Tahoe Blvd you’ve probably noted the luscious, well maintained garden decorating the street side crafted by Around Tahoe Tours. Maybe you’ve even seen Roger Kahn, owner, watering, as he does every morning. The quaint presentation doesn’t stop there. The facility is staffed from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day.

Mountain Workspace offers far more than a quiet place to work while on vacation. There are dedicated work spaces ranging from a cubicle to your own secure office space. 

“Our goal is to suit the needs of the community by providing a location to work for entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote employees and anyone needing a place to set up shop for the day, week, month or longer”. 

Working from home provides certain amenities that you wouldn’t typically see in a corporate office space. With a mind for the region, it’s active visitors and residents, Roger had the space strategically fitted with several bathrooms, phone booths, and break areas. You can work the morning away, take in an afternoon hike, followed by a refreshing shower and be back at your desk in under an hour without driving home. The kitchen is complete with your normal amenities; fridge, microwave, and coffee machine. In addition there is a full stock of kitchenware to suit a variety of personal and business needs. Lunch meetings are a breeze here in the tech savvy conference room.

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