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Business Profile: Shahri Masters

October 7, 2022 | Kayla Anderson

IN 2014, ONE MIGHT HAVE DESCRIBED SHAHRI MASTERS as a passionate and driven mover and a shaker, an ambitious Lake Tahoe real estate agent witha no-nonsense attitude and a 26-year track record of success; moving houses, making sales, always networking and working nonstop. And then, she wasn’t. Behind the scenes, her now late husband was battling cancer, her daughter needed her mom, and her mental and physical health were slipping. She was at a crossroad, career or quality of life. She opted for the latter, stepped off the hamster wheel, and focused on her family. It was the best decision she ever made.

Taking a step back allowed Shahri to be present, to advocate for her husband, and to embrace being a mom. She also immersed herself in her many talents and interests. She is an accomplished artist and author, and during her sabbatical she wrote and published her third book, “Me and the Other Women – Stories of Female Relationships That Shape our Lives,” which spent some time on the Amazon bestseller list. During her hiatus she also started sharing her minimalist philosophy with others by helping people clear clutter from their homes, their hearts, and their minds. She taught English as a second language, worked in retail, as a ghostwriter, a babysitter, business coach, construction manager, and more. For over five years she explored, dabbled in new and old hobbies, connected with others, and her inner self. And then, she was back!

Her countless interests, talents, and opportunities could not deafen the call to return to real estate. In May of 2019, with fresh perspective, Shahri, with the helpof a friend, opened her own brokerage firm, Masters of Tahoe Incline Real Estate. Shahri now leverages her own experience and knowledge as a 50-year resident of Lake Tahoe to help her clients truly immerse themselves in Lake Tahoe living. “The many hats I wore and experiences I had during my sabbatical made me more well-rounded and more capable of truly connecting with my clients. It gave me a broader perspective on life and it’s no longer about the ‘sale.’ My priority is meeting my clients’ needs in a deeper, more personal way.” Shahri’s story teaches many lessons about courage, connection, and the value of work-life balance. On the surface it may appear that Shahri Masters long and successful career has been all about real estate. Not completely. Once you dig a little deeper, whether by reading her writing, studying her art, or listening to her talk about her community and her favorite people in it, it is easy to discover that her career has always been focused on people. Her people-centric focus is what makes her so successful and also such a valuable asset to the Incline community.

Learn more about Shahri – visit Masters of Tahoe Incline Real Estate online. 

This article was originally published in the Summer 2022 edition of LIVE.WORK.PLAY. Read it and past issues here.

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