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School Update with Incline Education Fund

March 26, 2024 | Mary Danahey

Submitted by Incline Education Fund 03/25/2024, Written by Mary Danahey

Congratulations to the recent IMS Spelling Bee winners:

8th gr: Aspen Reichert 

7th gr: DJ Galloway 

6th gr: Isabella Bascunan Fernandez


Huge Congratulations to both IES Makerspace Teacher, Trina Kleinhenz for receiving the Northwest Nevada STEM Educator of the Year Award and to Incline Middle School for becoming a STEM Designated School !  

We are very proud of their hard work and dedication in preparing ALL of our students for the rigor of Incline High School and are excited to have the first and only K12 STEM pathway in Nevada!

-Principal Tierney Cahill


Articles this week were submitted by IHS Principal, Tierney Cahill

Incline High’s Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam Shines at Mid-Grant Review

In an impressive showcase of innovation and teamwork, Incline High School’s Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam, under the guidance of their standout teacher Mr. Shoda, recently held their Mid-Grant Review, drawing experts from various fields to offer feedback on their pioneering project. The event was a crucial milestone in their journey to EurekaFest at MIT this June, where they will present their invention, Snowsense.

Donning their light blue Lemelson-MIT polos, the team embodied unity and professionalism as they presented their work to date before breaking into groups to dive deeper into their data, design, and the challenges they face. This interactive session allowed experts to offer targeted advice and troubleshooting tips, a process mandated by MIT to ensure teams are on the right track. The oversight and participation of the professor overseeing the grant via Zoom underscored the importance of this review in the overall project timeline.

The InvenTeam’s project, Snowsense, aims to revolutionize how snow load on structures is measured and reported. By developing a device and accompanying smartphone app to alert property owners of potential snow overload in real time, the team is addressing a significant concern for regions prone to heavy snowfall.

The rigorous questioning by guests in attendance highlighted the depth of their research and the progress they’ve made in developing their invention. Feedback from the session was overwhelmingly positive, with experts contributing valuable insights, potential solutions, and considerations to further refine Snowsense.

The involvement of professionals, including engineers, architects, and patent lawyers, provided the team with a wealth of knowledge, helping them identify areas for improvement and refinement. This interaction was not only a testament to the team’s hard work but also an invaluable opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals.

As the Incline High InvenTeam heads into the final stretch before EurekaFest, the enthusiasm and commitment to their project are more palpable than ever. Their journey is a remarkable example of what young minds can achieve with the right guidance, support, and opportunity to innovate.

The Incline community eagerly awaits their presentation at EurekaFest, where they will stand as one of only eight schools nationwide selected for this prestigious opportunity to showcase their invention to a panel of MIT engineers. With the progress they’ve shown and the feedback incorporated, there’s little doubt that the Incline High InvenTeam will leave a lasting impression on the world of STEM.

Highlanders Impress at the Rotary International Club Talent Contest

The Incline Rotary Clubs provided a magnificent platform this Thursday for a display of exceptional talents, as our own Highlanders took the stage to compete in vocal, instrumental, and speech contests. Hosted with grace by both local Rotary International Clubs, the event saw an unprecedented number of participants, each bringing their unique flair and dedication to the fore.

The competition was stiff, with performances that spoke volumes of the hard work and passion invested by the students. Judges were met with the challenging task of determining winners amidst a sea of talent, particularly when it came to resolving ties in several categories.

Sequoia Denton emerged as the star of the vocal competition, enchanting everyone with her superior vocal performance. The instrumental category witnessed a tie, a testament to the exceptional skills of Keenan Artle and Abby Duckworth, who both stood out with their musical mastery.

In the speech competition, Lainey Lowden distinguished herself with a compelling speech about her transformative experience volunteering as a medical assistant in the Dominican Republic. Her poignant reflections and the impact of her journey resonated deeply, earning her the top spot.

The competition also highlighted the significant potential of upcoming talent, notably sophomore Jesus Aguirre Gomez, who, as one of three tying for second place, signaled his promise as a contender in next year’s competition.

Other remarkable performances deserving of mention include vocalist Isabelle Avenier, whose melodious voice captivated all; orator Emily Suarez-Moises, who demonstrated exceptional eloquence of kindness; drummer Willemina Dukes, who impressed with her rhythmic prowess; and vocalist Zane Richards, whose performance was both powerful and he totally rocked the house.

This event’s success is greatly attributed to the unwavering support and organization by Incline’s two Rotary International clubs, champions of fostering artistic and expressive skills among our youth. Their efforts in creating such a platform are invaluable, ensuring our students have the opportunity to excel, compete, and showcase their talents.

Reflecting on the evening’s array of talents, it’s evident that our Highlanders not only participated but truly impressed, setting a high bar for future competitions. Congratulations to all who took part and to the winners for making the Highlander community immensely proud. A special note of gratitude goes to Denise Menzies, Leslie Herrmann, and all of the Rotarians who attended and judged the event, their support and expertise are invaluable in nurturing our students’ growth and success.

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