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Tahoe Transportation District Introduces Multiple Stops for the East Shore express during 2024 Summer Season

June 17, 2024 | Member Submitted

Transit Service from Incline Village to Sand Harbor State Park

May 31, 2024 (Stateline, Nev.) — Tahoe Transportation District (TTD) is pleased to announce
the return of the East Shore Express Service beginning June 28, 2024. This season, hourly paid
parking will be available at the Tunnel Creek parking lot, located at 1102 Tahoe Blvd. at the
Tahoe East Shore Trailhead. This strategic change enhances access and convenience for

The free transit service will operate daily from 10:00 AM to approximately 6:30 PM, starting
June 28 and running through September 2, 2024. The service will operate as a continuous loop
with multiple designated eastbound and westbound bus stops. For additional information visit,

  • Eastbound Stops: Incline Village to Sand Harbor
  • Continuous loop service begins at 10:00 AM
  • Route start: 76 Gas Station (corner of Northwood Blvd. & Tahoe Blvd./SR 28)
    Westbound Stops: Sand Harbor to Incline Village
  • Continuous loop service begins at 10:30 AM
  • Route start: Sand Harbor Visitor’s Center

“The East Shore Express is a vital service connecting residents and visitors alike to the stunning
beauty of Lake Tahoe,” stated TTD District Manager Carl Hasty. “By utilizing the Tunnel Creek
parking area, we are providing access for all, fostering a seamless experience for those
exploring our region.”

TTD encourages all residents and visitors to take advantage of the East Shore Express and
other public transit options to reduce congestion and environmental impact in the Lake Tahoe
Basin. The Transit App remains the preferred method for accessing Tahoe’s public
transportation network, offering real-time updates and trip planning assistance.

For schedules and additional information on Tahoe Truckee Area Regional Transportation
(TART) services, please visit TahoeTruckeeTransit.com. Riders can also download the TART
Connect App for convenient curb-to-curb rides and transfers to the mainline bus system on the
North Shore.

Before planning a visit to Sand Harbor, TTD and Nevada State Parks advise checking the State
Parks Facebook page for parking availability. Timely updates will ensure a smoother experience
for all travelers.

Sand Harbor is closed to incoming visitors after 3:00 PM. The last bus from Incline Village is at
3:00 PM. Starting at 3:30 PM, there are only westbound stops. The last bus from Sand Harbor
leaves at 6:00 PM.

For details on Tahoe Transportation District and its current projects, visit
www.TahoeTransportation.org or call (775) 589-5500.


About Tahoe Transportation District
The Tahoe Transportation District (TTD) is a bi-state agency responsible for the management
and implementation of safe, environmentally sound, multi-modal transportation projects and
programs in the Lake Tahoe Region, including transit operations. TTD leads multi-jurisdictional
infrastructure projects to make travel safer, improve access to recreation, and reduce traffic
congestion and private car use. TTD focuses on transit’s pivotal role in improving air and water
quality because more than 70 percent of the pollutants impacting Lake Tahoe’s clarity come
from transportation system and built environment run-off. TTD has delivered numerous projects
to help reduce environmental impacts and address the high demand residents and visitors place
on the region’s transportation infrastructure, including transit solutions, roadway and safety
enhancements, water quality improvements, and pedestrian/cyclist paths. For more information,
please visit TahoeTransportation.org.
Media Contact:
Tiara Wasner
Public Information Officer
Tahoe Transportation District

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