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The Local Lens – Snowed In

March 6, 2024 | Linda Offerdahl


I love love love the big storms. This last one, a true blizzard, reminded me of Minnesota storms on steroids! I know they create hazardous situations for many, and I really advocate just staying home for that reason. Thank you to the Incline Substation deputies and personnel, along with North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District, and all our snowplow drivers for the hard work they did keeping us safe in the blizzard. Personally, I love that storms allow people like me, “who do too much,” to take a break, recover from a cold, do some housework, read, and watch TV with my husband, Richard. But I also love how it brings neighbors together, helping each other with shoveling, sharing meals, etc. And let’s just see if our population increases in the next 9 months….


Sam Choy, the chef at Bowl Incline, is in town and has lots of stuff going on at “The Bowl”. BUT, he is also in the Snowfest Parade on Saturday in Kings Beach! Lots of fabulous activities going on through this weekend.

Tahoe Talks at Incline Library next Tuesday….on civil discourse, boring but important so that public meetings don’t become too exciting.

IHS  Boosters CrabFeed is on Saturday, March 16…. It’s a cowboy theme this year!


Two popular events are coming back to Incline!

Incline Star Follies on May 3-4… a community show fundraiser for Incline schools. If you moved to Incline in the last 5 years, don’t miss this show! And NO ONE needs talent to be in it! This is the best event to bring UNITY into COMMUNITY, with kids from the schools getting on stage with residents and school personnel.

Incline Village Crystal Bay Restaurant Week: April 15-21 – Join the first annual event and support our restaurants in the shoulder season!

Breaking News – Congratulations to Amelia Galicia, new Incline Village Patrol Captain.

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