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The Local Lens: Labor Day Weekend

August 31, 2022 | Linda Offerdahl

LABOR DAY WEEKEND means the Village Ski Loft is having its giant sale! It used to be a big tent in the lower parking lot, but this year it will be smaller tents in their own upper parking lot. Same great deals! In the lower parking lot, the Pet Station has a fun fundraiser. It’s a Doggie Wash! Instead of getting your car washed, bring your dog! It benefits local animal shelters like Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation. Don’t have a dog? WARF will have a few on hand that need adopting. There’s a doggie food drive that day. Not to worry if you forget. Great deals on pet food and other supplies inside the Pet Station too! The place to be Labor Day Weekend…800 Tahoe Blvd., on the corner with Northwood. 

The ROTARY DUCK DROP has become an annual Labor Day tradition. Remember when you bought those ducks outside of Raleys on the 4th of July weekend? They are going for a ride, from the top of the fire engine ladder, on Monday, September 5 at the Village Green from 9-10:30 a.m. (You can still purchase ducks at Incline Cleaners!)

Summer winding down usually means good deals for the locals. The Sierra Cloud has specials, especially if you can get a group together to listen to Mr. Tahoe, Darin Talbot one last time. The end of summer means the concerts on Incline Beach are about over. Thank you, Incline Spirits! The last Wednesday concert is tonight and there are just two more Friday nights left. Getting to one of those concerts is still on my summer bucket list. I better get there this week!

The opening of school is old news, but the back-to-school nights are all coming up in a week. If you are a parent, don’t miss it! Check with your school for the exact day and time. 

What is NEW news, is that the St. Clare Montessori School moved to Incline from Tahoe Vista! Its 35 pre-K – 8th grade students are housed in St. Francis of Assis Catholic Church and St. Patrick’s Episcopalian Church. By the way, the Village Church has its Christian Pre-school with beloved teacher Cindy Ligget as well as a “pod” for older students. I love the way our faith-based communities are partnering on education!

An ECONOMIC SUMMIT called Envision Tahoe is an annual event hosted by regional agency Tahoe Prosperity Center. This is one of those gatherings where business and community leaders meet to discuss the common issues that face everyone: how to diversify the economy, maintain (and house!) our workforce. We all share the common goal of transitioning the tourism industry to destination management and sustainability to better care for the Lake and the environment. Register for Envision Tahoe on September 7 at Granlibakken at tahoeprosperity.org.

THANK YOU, PARASOL TAHOE, for awarding $250,000 to local charities! Many of them are housed right here in Incline Village.

REVITALIZATION AND DEVELOPMENT I hope you have all noticed the growth and new activity around our communities. The IVCBA vision is one of thriving communities and this usually means improvements in our infrastructure and buildings. Washoe County and its Transportation Study, with action plans soon to be recommended, will set the stage for redevelopment and revitalization activity. IVCBA is organizing a Main Street program, along with Washoe County and IVGID, to help with planning. We have seen active projects around town, most noticeably the Natural Grocer construction site on Tahoe Blvd.  This week, the new owners of the Biltmore are unveiling their revitalization plans with the community through a series of small group meetings. They have been very well received. The Nine 47 condominium project is undergoing hearings and the approval process. Although I hear the outcry about the desire for workforce housing, these two projects represent a need (IMO, new housing is needed at all income levels) and an investment in the future of our community.  Workforce Housing must start with Washoe County because it is not feasible under the current economic conditions. These kinds of questions and lack of local decision-making have led to the latest attempt at governance, the City of Incline. Watch for upcoming petitions to get this question on a ballot, the first step in having meaningful conversations about what having our own City would mean. Information at cityofinclinevillage.com. Thanks, Todd Lowe and the Village League to Save Incline Assets.

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