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The Local Lens – Lessons from the IVGID Rec Center Expansion

October 4, 2022 | Linda Offerdahl

Many of us are reeling from the seemingly abrupt decision by the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation to withdraw the funding support for the IVGID Rec Center Expansion last week. If one reads the Community 1st account of the overall positive support from the IVGID board from the beginning last January, it seems odd that the DCD Foundation asked for a unanimous vote by the IVGID Board of Trustees. In reality, it was a perfect storm of the culture in our community that prevents redevelopment and expansion projects to be built. It is one of the reasons that caused me and others to re-form and start the IVCBA nearly two years ago. 

Although IVCBA tries to remain politically neutral, our tagline “Building Community” reflects our vision of a thriving community that supports and is supported by our agencies, businesses, nonprofits, and residents. Building the expansion to the Rec Center is certainly something that benefits our community. What lessons can be learned from this experience?

  1. MORE COMMUNICATION would have helped allay the fears of those wondering if our largest local benefactor had our community’s best interests at heart. This project, like the TTD mobility bus hub, suffered from a lack of community input early on with the goal of garnering local support. 
  2. LESS MICROMANAGEMENT of the IVGID staff and board would have allowed them to do their job better. IMO, the intense oversight given every decision, not just major projects, speaks to too much personal self-interest and a lack of respect for the staff. It is seen on the resident level communications to the board and from the board to the IVGID staff. Sometimes perfect can be the enemy of “good enough”.
  3. Paying attention to THE GREATER GOOD of the community by everyone might have resulted in a project ready to move forward. The bigger picture shows that everyone would benefit from such an expansion…not just teens and that plans made several years ago might need to reflect the current proposal and community needs. Political motivations need to be set aside.
  4. DON’T LOOK A GIFT HORSE IN THE MOUTH. Can we all agree that a rec center expansion with a price tag of $26 million seems unattainable without a benefactor? And that we can all relate to the need for budget control? As much fun as it is “spending other people’s money”, at some point, we need to acknowledge that it is due to the largesse of the donor who absolutely has the final say on the size of the donation. 
  5. GET INVOLVED in community affairs. I am always looking for the positive in a situation, and in this case, it is that we heard from more people and have people talking about the issue. Sometimes it seems that only negative comments get made and that people who speak up are mostly those against a project. I still believe that ALL sides care deeply about our community. Let’s not wait until after decisions are made to voice support or to respectfully disagree.
  6. ATTEND MEETINGS…the IVGID Candidate Forum on Thursday, October 13, at 6 p.m. at the Chateau is sponsored by the IVCB (Friday) Community Forum and IVCBA. Submit your questions to ivcbforum@gmail.com before October 7. Over 160 people attended the last Inclined to Meet community program presentation on the proposed City of Incline Village. 



  1. VOTE! There’s an election coming up. Democracy works best when everyone participates.

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