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The Local Lens – Patriotic Decor for Local Heroes 4th of July Celebration

June 22, 2022 | Linda Offerdahl

Can we make the town look just as festive for the 4th of July as we did for the December holidays? It takes a Village….and yes, I am going to ramble quite a bit today. I want to personalize some of our commercial space by recognizing some of the individuals behind them.

SHOPPING CENTERS and COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS…Thank you to IPM, particularly Larry Wodarski, Art Vasquez, and Rosa Valdovinos for coordinating the efforts at Incline Center, aka Raleys, and Village Center. By the way, the owners of those centers help pay for the décor and the labor. Scott Dutcher and Tahoe IMMO is behind the beautiful remodel and the patriotic decorating of the building that houses Pet Station and Village Ski Loft. He is decorating ALL the office buildings he manages on Village and 923 Incline Way. Thank you, Scott!

TAHOE BLVD…Thanks to the deputies at our local Sheriff’s Incline Substation, those tall patriotic “wind” flags now adorn the corners of all the intersections along Tahoe Blvd. Thanks to Captain Corey Solferino, Sergeant Peter Sewell, Deputy Ray Sanchez, Deputy Michael Talton, and for the great community engagement of our peace officers. 

The Incline Village Realtors and their Good Neighbors Committee are lending a hand to get patriotic décor on our main street as well. The realtors have a history of dressing up our town. Back before the days of Red White & Tahoe Blue I believe, they (Tom Bruno, Cheryl Delahanty, and Jamie Golden among others) were responsible for ordering 9000 flags and organizing realtors to put them out, one for each parcel! If everyone put out a flag of their own, we could see that collective spirit of community. Let’s do it!

I want to give a shout out to Tahoe Time Plaza where Chase International and Rainbow Printing live. They ALWAYS have beautiful landscaping. Their bear sculpture is iconic. But it is their holiday décor that makes us really take notice, thanks to owner Gloria Obeso Levy. Chase International regularly gives us reasons to visit that Plaza because of the fundraisers they help organize. Speaking of which….


As a matter fact, there’s a fundraiser on Saturday 4-7 at the Tahoe Time Plaza! Chase International, Coldwell Banker and Pet Station are behind this fundraiser for WARF, Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation. Did you know they had a sanctuary? Go visit their website and then take a visit to Stagecoach, NV to see it. 


Wednesday June 29 is the day we are decorating the parade route along Southwood and Incline Way. We still need more volunteers…. contact me at linda@ivcba.org! The parade is on Saturday, July 2 and ends at the Village Green where the Community Fair takes place. Click here for more info and the parade route.


Friday July 1 around 10 is the time to help us decorate the Village Green. Please don’t leave it all up to the retired vets in the IVCB Veterans Club! We need strong young people! There are LOTS of reasons to come to the Village Green on the Local Heroes 4th of July Celebration. Find all the patriotic events on July 3-4 at 4thofjulytahoe.com.


Instead of whining about that long line of cars you are in on Tahoe Blvd., look carefully at the Boulevard in front of Mountain Workspace. Darin Talbot and crew have done an amazing job of decorating that little median. It’s the one with the kayak standing in it! It’s a labor of love, but it also highlights the Around Tahoe Tours and the kayak rentals run by Darin and his brother, photographer Chris Talbot, from that location. Marty Gollery has his photography on display there as well. Stop next door at Mountain Workspace Gallery to see work by local artist Lisa Jefferson, Frannie Ramirez, and Barbara Trifletti. 


This is important. Thursday June 23 at 5:30 at Parasol, NLTFPD Fire chief Ryan Sommers will be among the speakers. Fire is an increasing concern for us. Many are dealing with problems getting fire insurance. Hear what Menath Insurance is doing about it and its recommendations. 

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