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The Bilty Says Goodbye; Welcomed Revitalization Underway

August 24, 2022 | Lee Weber Koch

IT ALL STARTED IN 1946. A vision of its developers, the Tahoe Biltmore (a.k.a. The Bilty) was a stoic and storied hotel, lodge, and casino built with classic vintage architecture and wrapped within the beauty of Lake Tahoe’s north shore.

Throughout its life, the property changed hands and names as the Nevada Lodge, Cal-Neva Biltmore, and then back to its original brand as the Tahoe Biltmore.

In its heyday, it was one of the West’s finer destinations for the rich and famous and those who enjoyed the region’s more rugged adventures.

Among its celebrities is “Mary,” a spirit who has been reported to live within the hotel in the 60s. Those who have had a sighting note that Mary adorns a mini skirt yet lacks facial features. History notes that she was an entertainer in the former Aspen Cabaret and has been a legend ever since her ghostly first appearance.

Throughout those years, time has taken its toll. Gone is the glitz, the grandeur, the grand structures, and the meticulous grounds that seamlessly defined this treasured icon in Crystal Bay, Nevada.

Fast forward to today where it’s a new world for the highly blighted eye-sore on the Nevada and California state line.

Purchased by EKN Development Group in October 2021, the property and its owners will embark on an endeavor like no other under the temporary brand of Revitalize Tahoe Biltmore.

The design of this community inclusive setting is an archetypical style that blends into its pristine Sierra location.

Complementing this vision are efforts to incorporate innovative energy-saving elements within the property and focus on addressing the region’s most pressing issues including transportation, workforce housing, and an unprecedented program to support sustainable tourism.

Watch progress unfold through RevitalizeTahoeBiltmore.com as the owners rejuvenate this North Shore corridor with a four-season destination that honors its past, protects its sensitive surroundings, and has the heart and soul of its community in mind.

**This article originally appeared in the Summer 2022 issue of LIVE.WORK.PLAY., IVCBA’s magazine. You can read all the editions online.**

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