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Sierra Nevada Forums

August 31, 2023 | Member Submitted

Sierra Nevada Forums is back for its 8th year of community forums in Carson City. Join friends to listen and discuss interesting hot topics.

First Forum of 2023 – Presentation on UNR Innovative Research & Medical Breakthroughs
Tuesday September 19, 2023
Brewery Arts Center Performance Hall 511 W King St., Carson City
Doors open at 5:30 p.m.
Program starts at 6 p.m.


Dr. Farah Madhani-Lovely is a Pulmonary and Critical Care doctor with more than 20 years of experience, practicing at Renown Health. Selected research interests include evaluating characteristics and outcomes in COVID-19 patients in addition to her studies of COPD, interstitial lung disease, hypertension, and asthma amongst patients in Northern Nevada.

Danielle Eaton, MBA
Director of Clinical Research Programs
Brief overview of clinical research programs at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine and Renown Health

Lee S. Schwartzberg, M.D., Cancer Research
Section Chief of Medical Oncology Administration at Renown Health

Michael J. Bloch, M.D., Heart Disease Research
Medical Director of Vascular Medicine and Anticoagulation Services at the Renown Medical Center Institute for Heart and Vascular Health

Moderator: Timothy McFarren, M.D. Carson City

Click Here to View Presenter Credentials and Background

About Sierra Nevada ForumsWe are a diverse coalition of concerned citizens who volunteer their efforts to offer free or affordable informative public forums on current topics and crucial issues. Speakers are selected from respected subject matter experts who adhere to sound research and peer reviewed evidence-based practices. Although some topics may be controversial our goal is to operate in good faith to select objective speakers that have not been subject to filters and political bias that would compromise facts. We seek speakers from the National, State and local levels.


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The Local Lens – Labor Day Weekend

August 30, 2023 | Linda Offerdahl

This is really the last Hurrah of summer, marked by the Village Ski Loft Labor Day weekend sale!

Locals know what great deals on skis and gear are given on their biggest sale of the year. 

Thanks to the hard work of its property manager Scott Dutcher, that plaza with Pet Station on the corner of Tahoe Blvd and Northwood Blvd, got a facelift last year. The building has a “mountain modern” feel to it, very fitting for Incline Village.

The Rotary Duck Drive has become the other “main event” on Labor Day. The Rotary Club of Incline Village has been selling ducks all summer. Come to the parking lot at Aspen Grove to watch the North Lake Tahoe Fire Department drop the ducks from the top of the ladder! It happens quick; don’t come late like I did last year and miss all the fun.

ONE MORE FUNDRAISER! The Diamond Peak Ski Education Foundation is having its ‘Snow on the Beach’ event at the Hyatt on September 2.


  • Talks @ Tahoe on September 6
  • BIZBUZ Mixer on Tuesday, September 12 in the side parking lot of Umpqua Bank in the Raleys Center. Other participants…Mountain Hardware, Alpine Realty, The Potlatch, and of course Raley’s. 
  • TOCCATA Memorial Concert on September 15
  • WCSO Sheriff’s Picnic on Saturday, September 16. Details here:

Check the IVCBA.org calendar for all of the weekly events at Alibi, Crystal Bay Club Crowne Room, Incline Library, and Bowl Incline. 

If you like the SnapShot, the community website, all of the community events, and the Live.Work.Play. magazine, please join as a Community Supporter for $50. Business memberships start at $150. Go to IVCBA.org. Join is at the bottom of each page.

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In The News – NV Energy to replace poles, equipment and remove hazard trees along State Route 28 using helicopter

August 30, 2023 | Member Submitted

Originally Published in the Tahoe Daily Tribune 8/30/2023, Submitted to the Tribune

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. – NV Energy will be replacing poles, removing hazard trees, and replacing equipment along State Route 28 beginning on September 5, through mid-late September 2023. This work is related to the NV Energy Resilience Corridors Project and the company’s Natural Disaster Protection Plan, which is aimed at protecting the community from the increased risk of wildfires and other natural disasters.  

Due to the nature of the work, a helicopter will be used as trucks are unable to access the steep and unstable slope where equipment is located. Beginning September 5, customers and visitors to the areas can expect to see the helicopter working overhead. There are no anticipated power outages during this work.  

On September 18 and 19, intermittent closures will take place along State Route 28 (between Lakeshore Blvd and Sand Harbor State Park) and the East Shore Bike Path to allow for the safe flyover of helicopters and equipment. Closure should last no longer than 15 minutes at a time while the helicopter flies overhead to set new poles. Other than the intermittent closures, there are no other anticipated road closures related to this work.  


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Rotary Clubs Supporting the Community

August 30, 2023 | Member Submitted

Submitted by Allison Edwards and Pamela Murphy

The Rotarians in Incline Village have been busy raising money and awareness to improve our community.  Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.  We invite you to join us—at one of our fun events, as a prospective member or as a supportive neighbor!  Please join us for these upcoming events:

Right now, the Incline Village Noon club is in its final push to raise funds for the year by selling ducks for the Annual Duck Drop – a fun raffle held at 9 a.m. on Labor Day at the Village Green – where thousands of little rubber duckies are dropped in heats from a fire truck ladder onto a huge target. Winners will win $100, $250, $500, or $1,000 if they purchased ducks for $10 or 3 for $20. Big spenders who purchased platinum ducks at $100 have the chance to win a pot of up to $7,500! You can still purchase tickets at Incline Cleaners or by texting (510) 334-5343. The funds raised from this raffle support various programs and scholarships around town including Norther NV Children’s Cancer Foundation, Lake Tahoe Community College, Tahoe Family Solutions, and many more. 

The morning club invites you to our annual FUNd-raiser: Best Ball Four A Cause on October 1st at The Incline Village Mountain Golf Course.  Join us for a 9-hole Best Ball Tournament.  BBQ, silent auction, raffles, putting competitions, prizes and much more FUN to be had! No golf experience is required—just a fun spirit and to do something good for our local community!  The event raises money to support Incline Village community needs, youth services, education, scholarships, and global health.  More information here: Best Ball For a Cause  | Rotary Club of Tahoe-Incline (tahoeinclinerotary.org)

Rotary supports local youth in many ways, including leadership camps for high school(RYLA) and for 8th graders, REGL, which takes place in September at Grizzly Camp in Portola. There is also an Interact Club at the high school, giving students volunteer opportunities. Both clubs support these programs and offer their own scholarships to graduating seniors. This year, Incline is hosting an exchange student from Italy.

The Rotary Club of Incline Village (“noon club”) meets at noon each Monday in the Parasol building at 948 Incline Way. The Club of Tahoe-Incline (“morning club”) meets at 7 a.m. on Thursdays at the Hyatt. Come visit! And we will see you at Duck Drop and Best Ball For a Cause!

Rotary International is a global network of citizens who unite and take action to make our communities and the world a better place and our local clubs in Incline Village reflect that sentiment in all that they do.

More Information >

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Schools Settling into the Groove – School Update with IEF

August 30, 2023 | Mary Danahey

Now that the shock of being back in school is over, it’s time to settle into the groove. There is a LOT going on so here’s a quick list to keep you in the know:

Incline Elementary: Thur, 9/12, 5-7:30

Incline Middle: Tues, 9/15, 5:30-7:00

Incline High TONIGHT, Wed, 8/30, 5:30 – 7:30

Lake Tahoe School: Thur,  9/7 6:00-8:00


Incline Elementary School is proud to now be recognized as a “Nevada Governor’s STEM School”. This designation is proof of the evidence-based, high-quality STEM education students receive at IES. The Reno Aces are hosting a fundraiser for IES on Sunday, September 3rd at 6pm. IES gets a percentage of each ticket sale purchased with the QR code below.  It’s Family Sunday, meaning $1 hot dogs and lots of family fun – including kids getting to run the bases between the game and postgame fireworks.  Use the QR code below to buy your tickets.

Incline Middle School is excited to continue offering “Wednesday Exploratory” where students get to choose between a number of options to spark their curiosity and learn about potential careers. Offerings this quarter include: entrepreneurship, podcasting, environmental stewardship, cooking, and 2 sport options. They are also engaging students through the MATHCOUNTS enrichment program and of course, the IMS robotics program (now in it’s second year).WATCH this column for the interview with Dan Lediard as he talks about his vision for IMS and their plan to also become a Nevada Governor’s STEM School.

Incline High School has a LOT going on…. The remodel funded by the Dave and Cheryl Duffield Foundation is underway and most of the demolition is already complete. Stay tuned for updates. And just to show that students are starting the year off right: several of last year’s engineering students entered an MIT competition and have made it into the second round, and SEVEN of our students have been honored in the College Board’s 2023 National Recognition Program. Oh, and IHS is also proud to now be recognized as a “Nevada Governor’s STEM School”.  Proof of the solid education provided by IHS.


Community opportunities are all around. Schools are always looking for substitute teachers and coaches (paid positions) and volunteers are needed for the Read With Me program at IES. For more information, please reach out to: maryd@inclineeducationfund.org.


There is the Reno Aces Game this Sunday to benefit IES. And the Wine & Food Tasting event at Aspen Grove on 9/23 to support the local Boys & Girls Club and Incline Middle School.  See the flyers below. 

Mary Danahey
Incline Education Fund


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In The News – Sierra Community House: Building a community for a better tomorrow in Lake Tahoe

August 29, 2023 | Miranda Jacobson

Originally Published in the Tahoe Daily Tribune 8/29/2023, Written by Miranda Jacobson & photo credit

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. – Lake Tahoe is known as a destination location to people all over the world, but for the people who live in the area year round, it’s considered to be home. Underneath the vacation haven that is the basin are thriving communities looking to support their residents. 

There are plenty of challenges that come with living in a mountain town, including high densities of empty second homes and short term rentals leaving long term residents struggling to find a place to live, along with the growing need for food and mental health resources. 

To combat these challenges in the basin, the non-profit agency Sierra Community House was created. 

“Sierra Community House was created in 2019,” said Executive Director Paul Bancroft. “It was a result of the merging of long standing social service organizations in the community.” 

Sierra Community House encompasses a wide variety of social services on the north shore and in the Truckee area, bringing together Project Mana which is focused on hunger relief, Tahoe Safe Alliance which is focused on domestic and sexual violence and child abuse, and the North Tahoe Family Resource Center and the Family Resource Center of Truckee. 


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PINE NUTS – Relationship Rekindled

August 29, 2023 | McAvoy Lane

In this unsettling world we live in, it feels good to have a relationship from a more predictable time, rekindled. That happened for me this summer when my high school sweetheart came to visit with two of her lady friends, and I got to sleep on a futon on the floor for a couple nights. Was there lively conversation? I sat in quiet awe, smiling, and oftentimes laughing out loud. It was nonstop entertainment at its finest.

But this time she might be coming back to visit alone, and I am frozen in fear, for my cooking has been known to leave people confused and disoriented for days. Then there is my daily Happy Hour with my pet jay, Huckleberry, during which time we talk and whistle and chortle back and forth for the longest time, while she will not understand a word we’re saying.

I’m reading Cervantes’s, Don Quixote de la Mancha, but don’t know how she will feel about my reading it out loud in its original Spanish. (I speak Spanish but don’t understand it.)

There is a good chance that she will start to cry while I’m reading this touching novel from 1605  out loud, as by her own admission, her tear ducts are connected somehow to her urinary tract, and she would shed copious and bountiful tears were I to accidentally step on a caterpillar.

Then there is the delicate matter of the bathroom, where I hang up my workout clothes in a maze that will require careful navigation on her part to locate the sink. I have been known to get lost in there myself during the night.

Driving in the car could be a challenge. I remember her chastising me while I was driving my ’55 Chevy in high school, “You’re awfully quiet today.”

“Quiet? Why would you say that?”

She smiled that sweet smile of hers and admonished, “‘Turn green, dammit, turn green!’ does not count as talk.” She was always good at correcting me like that.

I suppose I shall have to stop slurping water out of the tap, and drinking beer out of a bottle, then burping loud enough to wake General Grant and his wife in their tomb in New York. And I will definitely have to refrain from waking her in the morning by tickling her bare foot with an ostrich feather duster, because when I did that earlier this summer, she let out a squeal that could be heard in Albuquerque, told me I was immature, and would not talk to me for an hour.

Well, I shouldn’t get up-tight about how I’m supposed to act, because her relaxing presence will divine a path of behavior strewn with rose pedals, and I will naturally fall into a gallant mode of behavior that will warm her heart, and swell that forgiving heart of hers with pride that she could tame such a knight-errant as Don Quixote de la McAvoy.

Wish me luck, and keep your fingers crossed, unless you go bowling…

Audio: https://anchor.fm/mcavoy-layne

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In The News – Sky Tavern pedals into fall with training clinics, new mountain bike trails

August 26, 2023 | Member Submitted

Originally Published in the Sierra Sun 8/25/2023, Written by Justin Scacco

RENO, Nev. — Long known for a junior ski program that’s produced some of the area’s top winter athletes like Reno’s David Wise, Sky Tavern has long been a staple in the Tahoe area for youngsters seeking to learn to ski or ride.

With snow now gone, the training center has shifted gears and is now using its trails for mountain bike clinics and programs.

Last year, Sky Tavern began working with professional trail builders Momentum Trail Concepts to improve and redesign trails at the ski hill located off Mount Rose Highway. Following last year’s work, the nonprofit now boasts an array of cross-country trails, single track, downhill sections, and jump lines. Sky Tavern also teamed with the High Fives Foundation to build a top-to-bottom trail designed specifically for adaptive mountain bikes.


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In The News – Burnt Cedar trees poisoned, Incline Village staff look for answers

August 25, 2023 | Miranda Jacobson

Originally Published in the Sierra Sun 8/25/2023, Written by Miranda Jacobson & photo credit

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev.— Six trees have been poisoned at Burnt Cedar Beach in Incline Village, totaling the amount of poisoned trees to twelve at the private beach located along Lakeshore Blvd.

Incline Village General Improvement District Superintendent of Parks Steven Phillips explained that last year in July 2022, staff noticed the smell of diesel, and found out that six trees had been poisoned. 

“Those trees didn’t survive,” said Phillips. “This year, we were starting to do some rings around the trees, and we noticed the smell of diesel again. So what we ended up with was six large trees have been poisoned again.” 


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Tools for Small Businesses to Succeed and Grow

August 24, 2023 | Member Submitted


The information provided in this access to capital section is for informational purposes only. The Department of Business & Industry does not necessarily endorse or recommend the specific companies/organizations listed. The Department of Business & Industry is not able to provide any type of legal advice. This may not be a complete list of all of the companies/organizations that provide a similar service.

Even with all of the economic programs and government incentives for small business, it can be a challenge to access and obtain financing to properly capitalize a business. It’s difficult, especially for smaller businesses, to build credit and provide financials worthy of securing traditional business loans and lines of credit needed to grow and expand. 

There are two options available to entrepreneurs seeking to finance their business: borrow funds (debt equity) or sell ownership interest in exchange for capital (equity financing). Either option has advantages and disadvantages. There are a number of non-traditional mechanisms for obtaining capital as well.

For a complete listing of options available for access to capital check out the Access to Capital Directory on the right. 

Access to Capital Directory: A guide to business funding

State of Nevada Department of Business & Industry FOR MORE INFORMATION >

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