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Local Lens – Workforce Transportation Roundtable

March 15, 2023 | Linda Offerdahl

There is nothing like a record year for snowfall to highlight the problems of living or working in a remote rural community like Incline Village! We are learning more about snow loads on roofs that lead to leaks and potholes that lead to tire damage (including my car). Even the Sheriff’s Substation had to evacuate and relocate to the old library building on Alder. On the positive side, we can all share a story about how our neighborhood came together, and the persistence of the snow plow crews have kept us as accessible as possible for emergencies. Thanks to the North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District for providing sandbags and to Washoe County for providing the sand.

One of those community wide issues that gets worse in a winter like this, is workforce transportation. Assuming they can afford the gas, how many workers can afford a reliable AWD vehicle with snow tires to drive up from Reno or Carson? A big thanks for all the workers who have suffered long commutes and hazardous driving to work in Incline Village and Crystal Bay!

This is why IVCBA convened a roundtable on Workforce Transportation last Thursday. Every single transportation agency managed to attend, despite storm warnings that afternoon. Major employers and business leaders attended as well. We started the conversation, with Commissioner Hill as moderator, of just what can be done, particularly with the help of regional transportation agencies. The first step is to utilize what’s already available.

Look to IVCBA to get the word out on van pools and “smart trip” carpools provided by the RTC in Reno. Better yet, go online to RTCWashoe.com. TRPA has a Commute Tahoe Program that we need to learn more about. Our local TART Connect, with funding from Travel North Tahoe Nevada and other agencies, illustrates that shared rides can work, particularly for local service workers. TART buses are often criticized for apparent lack of use, but officials point out this is mostly during off-hours and that service, even in Incline, they are well utilized for morning and evening commutes in North Tahoe.

Longer term solutions will take commitment… by agencies to fund commuter transportation from the gateway cities, by workers making some sacrifice in personal convenience to share rides, by businesses helping to fund employee transportation and by residents to get behind the concept of a bus hub. Yes, I know, I am definitely looking at this issue with my rose-colored glasses.


  • Rosewood Tahoe is the new restaurant in Raleys Center! It has a casual vibe with a hint of Italian influence, catering to a wide audience.
  • Tunnel Creek Cafe is open for dinner Thursday through Sunday, giving their chefs Chad and Evan a chance to shine.
  • Is there anyone who hasn’t been to Ts Rotisserie since they reopened? We are grateful for their commitment to supporting their staff while they were closed.
  • Happy Tiers will be shedding real tears of happiness when they are finally fully open for business, hopefully before Easter. They are hoping to get your pastry/cookies/cakes order for that weekend!

If you are not on FB or Next Door, maybe you haven’t heard that Grocery Outlet is definitely moving into the old Village Market space in Village Center. They are shooting for a November 2023 opening.

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Local Lens – Skiing, Heart Month, and Kindness!

February 15, 2023 | Linda Offerdahl

Who goes to Minnesota to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Richard and I do! We had our first date there 43 years ago, so it holds a special place in our hearts. In 1988, newly married, we hopped off the corporate merry go-round to start and raise a family in this wonderful mountain community, Incline Village. Many people wonder why we would have two homes in snowy climates, but we follow our hearts… Richard wants sunshine and I love snow. Tahoe offers us both. 

I thought everyone moved to Tahoe for the winter sports, not the 320 average days of blue skies and sun. I still cross-country ski…. thank you Dave Straley and Nevada Nordic for grooming those wonderful trails in the Mt. Rose Wilderness … and for making “senior accessible” steps to get over that huge berm on Highway 431 to access the trails.

The best aerobic thing I do for my heart is cross country ski. I swear once those endorphins kick in, I could ski forever.  OK, that IS a figure of speech; I last no more than an hour and a half. My time gliding and striding is particularly enjoyable with long time Tahoe friends, Mary Peterson and Cathie Spector, who joined me on Monday. Sadly, Mary and (Dr.) Dan Peterson are moving to Horace, North Dakota, just outside of Fargo and won’t be on the trails with us any longer. I understand!  After all, I go back to Minnesota as often as I can; there is something about that Midwest heartland, even with its windchill.

If you notice a heart theme to this blog, you are correct. February is National Heart Month! 

Tahoe Forest Health District is focused on helping our community understand the threat of heart disease and the importance of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Free community workshops are scheduled in Truckee. In addition to great cardiologists, we now have Pritikin Intensive Cardiac Rehab, a comprehensive lifestyle program for patients recovering from heart attacks and surgery.  

Did you know that the North Lake Tahoe Protection District was designated as the first Heart Safe Community in Nevada by Nevada Project Heartbeat? The NLTFPD is a certified American Heart Association Training Center. In addition to having all the bells and whistles, equipment and services, they provide CPR classes. Every year they train 7th graders at Incline Middle School in CPR. Last year, they added the phone app PulsePoint Respond, a real-time view into local dispatch, increasing awareness of emergent events and alerting CPR-trained citizens to cardiac arrest victims nearby. Everyone is encouraged to download the app. Read the article on heart safety, submitted by the NLTFPD, below in this issue of SnapShot for more details.

Have you heard of “hands-only” CPR? Apparently, it is an alternative to mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. This technique sounds like something even I can master! Local residents Joe and Edie Farrell tell a compelling life-threatening story with a happy ending. After being saved by CPR, Joe has made it his mission in life to teach the hands only method to as many people as he can.  He is on board of the Pulsepoint Foundation.


IVGID Recreation Center is bringing back their popular fitness challenge for the month of March. It may even encourage me to try a spin class!


I recently heard the following at a Rotary meeting (Rotary is a service club dedicated to community service): “… the best cure for your own sadness is to help someone else.” I truly believe that being kind to others is uplifting and good for the soul. Please share human kindness stories with me and I will share them with our community in this blog – it takes a Village, and I know ours has heart! You can send your human kindness stories to linda@ivcba.org.

We have two Rotary Clubs in IV/CB. Get involved:

Rotary Club of Tahoe Incline (aka Thursday morning) 

Rotary Club of Incline Village (aka Monday lunch)

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Local Lens – What’s Going on in the Community

February 8, 2023 | Linda Offerdahl

Winter is my favorite season! I love to cross country ski, but there is so much snow, I can’t quite make it up to the Nevada Nordic groomed trails by Chickadee Ridge up in the meadows.  What a great service they do for our community!


TODAY: IVCBA, the Community and Business Association (that produces this newsletter!) has its 1st Annual Members (only) Meeting at the Chateau at 4:30. Memberships range from $50 for a Community Supporter and $150- $1,000 for Business memberships. If you like the SnapShot newsletter, why not join? The more subscribers and members we have, the more information we can get out into the community. Join IVCBA here >

Our mission is to build cohesiveness for the sustainability of Incline Village and Crystal Bay. We do this through our community website, news, calendar, events, and promoting our businesses, nonprofits, and agencies. The Incline Village Main Street program helps address revitalization and redevelopment issues. New this year: we are forming committees to engage more people in positive work in the community. Our vision is a thriving community. We hope you share that vision!

If you are already an IVCBA Business Member, please ask your employees to subscribe to our newsletter for free here >

The Washoe Tahoe Housing Partnership met on Monday. They hope to present their roadmap for workforce housing solutions soon. I know, I keep saying that. Working with multiple agencies is slow-moving work, but necessary for those policy changes that can encourage these efforts. In the meantime, IVCBA plans to look harder at workforce transportation options, such as the van pools offered by the Regional Transit Center and currently utilized by the Hyatt.

Remember when your mother told you to finish your dinner because of the starving children in China? Turns out she was right: there is huge food waste in the entire world. The Tahoe Center for Environmental Science on the campus of UNR@ Lake Tahoe has a speaker Thursday night. You can get the details and register for free here >

At the top of my list for weekend activity is going to the TOCCATA concert on Saturday at the Cornerstone Church. Their concerts are always great, but never more so than when Elizabeth Pitcairn is performing with her famous Stradivarius “red violin”. Purchase your tickets here >

I want to finish this column with a heartwarming story. As you may have seen in the Health District announcement, Happy Tiers in the Christmas Tree Village has not been able to serve food because of some regulatory issues. It’s complicated. But John and Debbie Sullivan, Sunshine Deli owners, offered to share their commercial kitchen with Andrea and Jason Jurss until Happy Tiers can be fully operational again. In the meantime, Happy Tiers is still a great spot for coffee lovers. Sunshine Deli is a great breakfast and lunch spot. (My favorite are the savory crepes.) Their coffee is FREE, much to the consternation of my husband Richard who thinks they should charge. Richard runs the “Philosopher’s Club” at Sunshine Deli on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for all you curmudgeons out there!

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Local Lens – A Thriving Community

January 25, 2023 | Linda Offerdahl

Good news! Washoe County is clearing the sidewalks on Tahoe Boulevard.

Bad news! The potholes on Tahoe Boulevard are dangerous. Doug Brown at the Chevron Station is noticing an increase in business he would rather not see: repairing tires that have gotten chewed up by those potholes. They ARE working on potholes, but they have a lot of roads to cover. Go to dot.nv.gov for the latest information. Please be careful everyone. It’s hard to see pedestrians behind the tall snowbanks especially if they are coming across a driveway where one does not expect to see a pedestrian.

A thriving community. I take it for granted that everyone wants one, but when I bring up the subject of commercial development, I am sometimes met with silence. People are worried we will end up with too many people, too much traffic and we will lose our small-town feel. But look at the composition of our businesses: most are small and family run, not big box stores.  In order to survive, they count on locals to support them year-round and second home owners/visitors to give them a boost in summer and ski season. Be tolerant of those busy times when it’s hard to get into your favorite restaurant. Those merchants have had to adjust to competition from Reno and Amazon.  Things that don’t change will grow stagnant. 

I was outside at the Biltmore yesterday where Tahoe Regional Planning Agency was reviewing the project plans and the site for the Waldorf Astoria development. Replacing a boarded up aging casino with a luxury resort surely is an improvement. We are counting on TRPA to ensure that this project is environmentally sound and meets their standards of excellence. When we moved here 34 years ago, things were different. There was a lot more traffic coming to Crystal Bay for the casinos and to stay at the Cal-Neva and the Tahoe Biltmore. Crystal Bay played a big part in the history of Washoe Tahoe.  Let’s have a state border crossing that makes us proud to live in Nevada.  

I missed the basketball game at the high school last night. This morning, listening to “TK”, the Incline High School basketball coach, talking about the sold-out crowd and close game (that Incline won!) made me wish that I had been there. Don’t be shy about attending games if you don’t have kids in the school. You will connect with families and neighbors that make Incline such a great place to live. Tim Kelly, TK, is much loved by the youth in our community for his coaching and supervision of youth programs at the Rec Center. I am a big fan of TK myself because he is so enthusiastic about the IVCBA Local Heroes Parade and the 4th of July events!  And, he has plans for another great community event early in June…. just waiting on the official word from IVGID. 

Breaking news!  The dates for the Local Heroes 4th of July Celebration for 2023 are set!  It will begin on Sunday, July 2 with the North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District pancake breakfast at the fire house, followed by the parade along Southwood and Incline Way, ending at the Village Green for the Community Fair and, back this year, Beer and Brats at Aspen Grove. The Celebration ends on July 4th with the Sky Show (the drone show). More details to follow!

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Local Lens – The New IVCBA Website is Finally Here!

January 11, 2023 | Linda Offerdahl

A THRIVING COMMUNITY is IVCBA’s vision. Although we may not all agree on the details, we can all agree that it’s a good idea. For instance, everyone wants the infrastructure to work, roads plowed and maintained, garbage picked up, electricity and internet that’s reliable 24/7. Full-time residents and part-time residents (aka our visitors) want a local business economy that meets their needs. Homeowners want their property values to rise. Employees want stable housing. Employers want a dependable workforce. Merchants want consistent business that makes their business profitable. Everyone wants work-life balance!  Hence, IVCBA’s tagline is Building Community Where You LIVE.WORK.PLAY.

The impetus for re-forming IVCBA two years ago were the threats to a thriving community magnified by COVID. We no longer had an active Chamber of Commerce or a local newspaper to promote businesses and nonprofits. We often felt that our views were not effectively heard in some of the government and regional agencies. Although we may fervently disagree on what we want, many of us argue vehemently on our right to some autonomy. Throughout 2023, IVCBA and the Local Lens will feature some of the “building blocks” that comprise the foundation of Incline Village Crystal Bay. For the next couple weeks, I want to bring to your attention to the ways that IVCBA is tackling this vision of a thriving community.


The community website IVCBA.org has new features! I want to give a big shout out to Julie Malkin-Manning who masterminded the remake of IVCBA.org last year. It is truly the go-to website for everything related to Incline Village and Crystal Bay. Whether you are a full-time or a part time local, this is your best source of what’s going on in the Village. 

  • COMMUNITY NEWS BLOG, as submitted by community members and aggregated from agencies, local organizations, and regional news sources. It is a carefully curated list of all of the local news to town, it even includes any local pieces from the Tahoe Daily Tribune, Sierra Sun, and Reno Gazette Journal. You can submit news or features about what’s going on in our community here.
  • COMMUNITY CALENDAR is your best source of local events, all in one place! Please help us out by sending us your events.
  • THE WEEKLY SNAPSHOT NEWSLETTER is our weekly aggregation of what’s going on, sent directly to your inbox. Great news, if you’re reading this now you’re already a subscriber! Pass this along to your friends so they can subscribe for free.  Or better yet, join IVCBA as a Community Supporter for $50.
  • THE LOCAL LENS is mostly me, Linda Offerdahl, Executive Director of IVCBA. My tagline is “My glasses are always rose-colored.” I use this blog to give my personal take on events and issues and highlight what’s going on. 
  • IVCBA MEMBER DIRECTORY is also newly redone on IVCBA.org. You can use this to find a local nonprofit, place to eat, and more! The directory now links directly to their websites. With close to 250 members listed, that’s a good start to a comprehensive community directory!
  • LIVE.WORK. PLAY. our seasonal magazine, is arguably the most popular piece we publish. Thanks to Kathy Hess Slocum, our Publisher, it is the only magazine strictly dedicated to Incline Village and Crystal Bay residents, businesses, and community events. Look for the next one at the end of March. You can read our past publications here.
  • @IVCBA SOCIAL MEDIA is a newly revamped way for you to get all of your local news and events. Follow us on Instagram and on Facebook to stay up to date on the happenings in town.

IVCBA also holds meetings. Stay tuned for next week’s Local Lens to hear more.

MY NEW BEST FRIEND is Cody, snowplow driver for Lariat Circle. We were both working at 5am this morning, only he was outside clearing Lariat Circle and I was inside on my computer. Thank you Cody. And the word on the Circle, is that the rotary plow accessory that he uses to make those nice sharp walls of snow, is broken. Parts coming from Canada.

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Local Lens – New Years Resolutions

January 4, 2023 | Linda Offerdahl


I know I’m not the only one resolving to lose weight and get more physically fit in 2023. How did breaking my wrist in 2021 result in my lack of focus on exercise for the last two years! Maybe you can relate; it doesn’t take much to sit or eat too much, get too busy, or just lazy. What’s motivating me now (besides New Year’s resolutions), is my annual physical with Dr. Koch!  I am grateful for the IVGID Rec Center and the wonderful friends that keep me coming back to classes. I’ve had 3 days in a row where the rings on my Apple Watch were happy. Wish me luck!

Winter is my favorite season. I’m loving the snow, cross country skiing and just tromping around Lariat Circle and our Joyous Journey Art Park with its colorful sculptures.  The subject of clearing the Incline sidewalks came up at the Washoe County Citizens Advisory Board last night. A shortage of county staff is part of the problem. Staff dedicated to sidewalk clearance is something Commissioner Hill is trying to get in the budget for next year. In the meantime, give pedestrians a little extra room. 

Those of you looking for more community involvement, I recommend that you attend the Citizen Advisory Board meetings held on the first Monday of the month, either on Zoom or at the Incline Library Community Room. Each meeting features a speaker talking about a relevant issue. One of last meeting’s speakers was Jacob Stock from the TRPA speaking about the process to amend the Washoe Tahoe Area Plan. Yes, there really is a plan and it is an agreement between Washoe County and TRPA, the Tahoe Regional Planning Authority. The issue at hand is whether the plan should be amended to allow condominiums to be developed within the definition of Incline’s town center. It has come up because of a proposed luxury condominium development at the corner of Tahoe Blvd and Southwood, a long-term vacant lot that used to have a restaurant and a gas station. One could ask why no one has stepped in with a new business or with a proposed apartment building before now. The reality is that it is not economically feasible to build workforce housing.

What has many people up in arms, is that there IS a strong need for workforce housing in Incline Village. This is a chronic problem, not a new one. It needs strong leadership and direction from Washoe County and TRPA. Commissioner Hill is addressing workforce housing through a grant with Tahoe Prosperity Center. The Washoe Tahoe Housing Partnership Roadmap should be forthcoming this spring and give direction to Washoe County and TRPA on how to address this very troubling issue. 

IVCBA is starting its third year of operation. Our vision is a thriving community that supports, and is supported by, its agencies, businesses, nonprofits, and residents. We have close to 300 members and have made a big impact with communications such as the SnapShot newsletter and the Live.Work.Play. magazine. We have also become known for organizing community-wide events, such as Northern Lights and the Local Heroes 4th of July Celebration. 2023 will find us working on redevelopment and revitalization issues through the Incline Main Street program. If you agree with our vision of a thriving community, please join, either as a community supporter or a business. Join IVCBA here.

ONE MORE THING: Get some culture this weekend and attend the TOCCATA concert at St. Patrick’s on Saturday at 3pm!

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Local Lens – Another Reason for the Season: Wreaths Across America

December 13, 2022 | Linda Offerdahl

Richard’s father never talked about it. Most men didn’t. Most certainly Edward Offerdahl thought about his service in World War II, and it impacted his life in many ways. When he did talk about it, we listened raptly. Could he really have been fighting in Italy, on skis in the winter? He certainly didn’t ski the rest of his life. My husband Richard tells me his father was in the 10th Mountain Division and saw things no one should ever see. I only saw the Purple Heart award he received for his service AFTER he died. I wish I had been more inquisitive. Some of you might remember a father, grandfather or great grandfather who served in World War II. Or perhaps a younger loved one who served in the many wars since then. 

Wreaths Across America gives us another “reason for the season”: to remember those that gave their life in service to our country. This Saturday, join thousands of people across the country laying wreaths on every single grave in military cemeteries such as the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Fernley.  Locally, that means joining the Rotary Clubs at Lone Mountain Cemetery in Carson City or joining our local Veterans Club at Eastside Memorial Park Cemetery in Minden-Gardnerville. Carpooling is at the parking lot alongside Umqua Bank at 8:30am for the Vets and 9:00am for Rotarians. I am told this is a very moving ceremony. Those wishing to donate can do so here. 

Let’s talk about SNOW PLOWING!

I was about to join my neighbors on Lariat Circle and other parts of Incline in complaining about my road not being plowed. But there he was at 9:30 this morning cleaning up our road! I am talking about Cody in that ginormous rotary snowplow (attached to a John Deere 944-K articulated loader) that makes the nice straight walls of snow. He told me we had almost 3 feet of snow on Lariat Circle. It was nice to put a name and a face to someone who helps us so much.  You will know if he has been on your street, believe me.  If you need help with your street, leave a message with Washoe County by calling 311. Be sure to leave the day and time of your call.  You can also track your plow with real time snow equipment operations here.

And lastly,

Enjoy the Sip & Shop festivities coming up at the Village Plaza and the Incline (Raley’s) Center. Don’t forget about the Chanukah celebration at UNR Prim Library next Tuesday. Check out all of the local events here.

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Local Lens – Positive Developments in Incline Village and Crystal Bay

December 7, 2022 | Linda Offerdahl

Anyone who has tried to build a home or a commercial property in our community knows how obstructive county and regional policies can be. The cost of construction is often insurmountable and has led to commercial properties in decline and a stagnating look to a Village we would like to appear quaint perhaps, but not antiquated. This is reason enough to applaud those developers who have made the investment of their money, as well as their time, to contribute to our economic vitality. I want to use this week’s Local Lens to call out recent developments that lead to a sustainable Incline Village and Crystal Bay.

Natural Grocers

It’s hard to miss the big hole of construction on Tahoe Blvd. across from Christmas Tree Village that will become Natural Grocers. They will work through the winter as much as they can, but it will probably not open until 2024.  Cruz Construction, a local company is doing the work. IVCBA is in touch with the developer and the Natural Grocers personnel. They are eager to engage with the community.

Waldorf Astoria Lake Tahoe

Revitalizing the Biltmore” just announced the branding and management agreement with Hilton for the resort being built in Crystal Bay next to Granite Place Condominiums.  It brings a luxury brand, Waldorf Astoria, and a reliable hotelier, Hilton, that will be able to see the project through and provide long-term employment to our year-round workforce. The developer EKN has worked hard to engage the community and keep us informed. Look for it to open in 2027.

Nine 47 Tahoe Condominiums

For a myriad of reasons, the corner of Southwood and Highway 28, the site of the old Stanley’s Restaurant and the gas station, the lot has been vacant for years. No merchant or restaurant has found a viable business opportunity at that location. Randy Fleisher, a local Incline resident, and his development group, Hamilton Realty Finance, are undergoing great expense to build a multi-family dwelling on that property. They still have some hurdles to jump through with Washoe County and TRPA. Let’s support this new development and use it as an opportunity to improve the control of traffic at that intersection as well as the walkability of our town. 

With the influx of new families, Incline has a shortage of housing at every income level, and the inability to build workforce housing needs to be addressed at the agency level. Don’t shoot the messenger, aka developers, because it’s infeasible to build workforce housing in Incline. The Washoe Tahoe Housing Partnership is moving, albeit slowly, with Washoe County and TRPA to ease these restrictions.

In addition to the restrictive and expensive building environment, concern about adequate support for a new business is often mentioned as a problem by potential businesses. We often hear about the shortage of workforce housing in running or starting a new business. We rarely hear about the difficulty of running a business in a small town in this era of Amazon.com and big box stores. THIS is a problem locals CAN address. Shop Local!

Raley’s Incline Center

Did you notice they improved their signage? It may seem minor, but it was likely expensive. It updates the look of our major shopping area. Merrill has improved the look of the Bank of America building. Watch for a new restaurant, Rosewood, I believe the name is, in the building with Dickson Realty.

Mountain Hardware and Sports

We have a new reason to “shop local” …the new ownership of Ace Hardware has led to an expansion into the old Pet Station space. It is open already! It is full of clothing, sporting, and household goods that are hard to find in Incline Village. 

Grocery Outlet

Yes, the rumors are true. Village Center owner Greg Hoff is in negotiation with Grocery Outlet to fill the Village Market space. Although the ink is not dry on the deal, IPM/Larry Wodarski has been directed to make much-needed structural improvements. Village Center and its post office hub used to be the place “where neighbors meet and locals shop”. It needs that anchor business, a market, to reinvigorate it. 

Benefits of these developments to our community:

  • Employment for locals with the creation of new jobs
  • Investment in our commercial areas strengthens our local economy
  • Developments often lead to infrastructure and other improvements in town
  • Revitalization maintains the value of our homes
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Local Lens – Tis the Season for Gratitude

November 22, 2022 | Linda Offerdahl

Thanksgiving is an important symbol of gratitude. It is a time when we gather with families and friends and give thanks for all that we have. It also kicks off the holiday season with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Giving Tuesday. Here’s a lineup of what I am grateful for:

HEALTH… Thanks to Incline Village Community Hospital and health care workers everywhere for their dedication to keeping us healthy and COVID-safe. I am also grateful for IVGID’s Rec Center classes …shout out to Sandy Soli!!

WASHOE COUNTY for its recent study on Washoe Tahoe Transportation and its concern for the safety of our community. 

NLTFPD and WCSO Incline Substation for their professional service and their wonderful staffs.

FAMILY ADVOCACY NONPROFITS like Sierra Community House, Tahoe Family Solutions, Pet Network, and the Duffield Youth Center/BGCNLT. These groups, along with many others in North Tahoe, provide a support system for families in our community. Sierra Community House just completed its annual turkey distribution, in addition to its weekly food distribution. 

MEERA BESER for her tireless dedication to Winter Warmth and Wellness and the annual Thanksgiving dinner (tomorrow!) at the Kings Beach Conference Center. And yes, she is still masterminding Toys for Tots!

PARASOL and its donors for filling the coffers of all our nonprofits.  Please support their GIVING TUESDAY and end of the year donations campaigns. It was the founder of Parasol, Carla Hanson who taught me to be generous with my time, talents, and treasure.

ROTARY CLUBS AND AAUW and other service clubs who are all generous with their time, talent, and treasure!

DAVID & CHERYL DUFFIELD FOUNDATION for its ongoing generosity and benevolence. In addition to their work in the schools, with youth and with pets, they provided the founding grant for IVCBA. In 2023, Lake Tahoe School, founded by Dave and Cheryl Duffield, celebrates its 25th anniversary. 

SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY is November 26. Shop local! Shop small. Visit the retailers and locally owned businesses in Incline Village and Crystal Bay for your holiday shopping! Check out the local deals happening around town here.

NORTHERN LIGHTS has an amazing list of events happening in December. It’s a LOT! Go to northernlghtstahoe.com to see everything. Additionally, you can select the ‘Northern Lights’ category on our event calendar to see all of the local Holiday events!

UNR at LAKE TAHOE for hosting Candy Cane Village, Incline’s tree lighting ceremony on December 3.

I want to thank the IVCBA staff and board for filling in for me while I took a vacation in Europe!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Local Lens – Local School Updates

November 16, 2022 | Mary Danahey

It’s time to buckle up…

With Thanksgiving now only a week away, the holidays are officially upon us. All of the celebratory events (some obligatory, some not) between now and the start of the new year can get a little overwhelming. Family and friends coming to visit, college kids returning (getting us used to the idea of them leaving the nest for good) and the resultant cycle of shopping, eating and cleaning more than fills all of our days.

I’m still learning how to just embrace the chaos.

On the off chance that you are looking for something to do (or just need a reminder of where your kids are) here’s what’s happening at each of our schools:

Incline Elementary School

IES is hosting their first holiday parade. The 3rd ,4th, & 5th grade makerspace classes are making floats and programming robots to carry balloons in a “parade” through the halls of the school. Who needs the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?  Interesting projects like this might be why the IES makerspace is getting the attention of Washoe County School District. 

If you need a holiday gift, IES is selling SEE’s Candy. Shop online before Dec 2nd and you’ll get guaranteed delivery before Christmas. Shop the IES See’s Candy Fundraiser

Lake Tahoe School

Come out to watch the talented LTS middle school drama class production of Shrek, the Musical Jr. It’s this Thursday and Friday (11/17, 11/18) at 6pm in Duffield Hall. Admission is free!

Incline Middle School

Speaking of music… the IMS robotics class will be programming a holiday light and music show and will compete in this year’s IVCBA Northern Lights contest

The display will run for 15 minutes on the hour at 6, 7, & 8 pm daily, between Dec 2-25th.

BTW, if you want to be a part of the fun, they are welcoming donations of light displays to integrate alongside the displays they are creating. 

Contact the teacher for more info: Kedwards@washoeschools.net

Incline High School

Winter sports are here!

The first home basketball games are on Tues, Dec 6th. JV at 4, followed by the Girls and Varsity. These are non-league games against Reno High. Check the IHS website for game schedules

IHS officially welcomes back 4 alumni to coaching roles.

This winter, Brianna Barraza returns to coach Girls JV Basketball, and Cody Feliciano is bringing back Wrestling. Peter Salazar took Boy’s Soccer to State this fall and Lisa Nelson will lead the Girls Softball team in the spring.

By the way, IHS is not just a bunch of great athletes. They are civic-minded as well. IHS held a mock election last week and over 70% of the students voted, crushing the 45% of eligible voters in the state of Nevada.  Way to go Gen Z-ers!

UNR at Lake Tahoe

The new UNR-LT campus is hosting Candy Cane Lane, the signature Northern Lights event on Dec 3rd from 4-6pm. Come out to see the tree lighting, sing a few carols, make some s’mores and of course, have a quick chat with Santa & Mrs. Claus.

And finally, 

if you’re ever interested in volunteering at the schools, feel free to reach out to me directly. I’d be happy to connect you.  We are always looking for: substitutes (it’s not as scary as you think), mentors, classroom aides, homework helpers, reading buddies, coaches (for sports, robotics or after school activities).  Reach out to me at: maryd@inclineeducationfund.org

Mary Danahey is an IVCBA Board Member, learn more herehttp://ivcba.org/ivbca/governance/

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