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Incline Education Fund piloted a First Grade Reading Intervention Program

September 28, 2022 | Member Submitted

“The U.S. Department of Education released data showing that from 2020 to 2022, average reading scores for 9-year-olds slid 5 points—to 215 out of a possible 500 in the sharpest decline since 1990. Average math scores fell 7 points to 234, the first statistically significant decline in math scores since the long-term trend assessments began in the 1970s.” Wall Street Journal, September 7, 2022. Earlier, on August 8, the Washoe County School District (WCSD) shared via the Reno Gazette-Journal, “approximately 34% of WCSD students met or exceeded grade level standards in math.” While IES scores came in higher than the district at 39% (5% lower than pre-Covid numbers), there in still much work to be done. 

We at the Incline Education Fund believe that with your help, the Incline Schools can reverse the learning loss of the past two years and increase reading and math scores across the board through our year-long literacy focus. Last spring, the Incline Education Fund piloted a First Grade Reading Intervention Program led by Retired National Board-Certified Teacher Kathleen McInnis-Martens to support reading success. McInnis-Martens worked with the Incline Elementary School (IES) teachers to target those students most in need of assistance. With only a partial year of tutoring, these students tested in the high growth category on the Measured Academic Progress (MAP) Report for Reading last Spring and many of those students ‘words per minute’ reading scores doubled. This targeted intervention reflects what Bianca Vasquez Torres found in the August 30, 2022 Associated Press article on education. After interviewing John King, Jr., former U.S. Secretary of Education and president of Education Trust, she wrote that studies show “…If done well, tutoring has a greater impact than most other interventions”. (**Kathleen McInnis-Marten, an IVCBA member, is the owner of Glasses Wine Bar in Incline Village**)

The Incline Education Fund is building on McInnis-Marten’s success last year and is now adding math intervention as well. We need your help to roll these programs up through the rest of the school grade by grade. This year, especially, it is imperative to support those students who’ve lost critical learning time. Vasquez-Torres added that studies show “Third graders are at a particularly delicate moment. This is the year when they must master reading or risk school failure. Everything after third grade will require reading comprehension to learn math, social studies and science. Students who don’t read fluently by the end of third grade are more likely to struggle in the future, or even drop out.”

Please help Incline students succeed across the board with targeted tutoring for those who need it most. With you, they can.

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The Local Lens – Highlander Homecoming

September 28, 2022 | Linda Offerdahl

Homecoming week at incline high school! Yes, homecoming games are well-attended by locals, so don’t miss this Friday night’s game at 7 p.m. The Highlanders are playing Reno’s Coral Academy. Not a football fan? Then come to see Incline High School royalty get crowned! Oh, and the snack shack will be open and run by the soccer team and will feature some delicious Mexican options. While you are on that field behind the high school, imagine what it will look like when improvements are made with the help of our local benefactor, the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation.

If you really can’t make the game, watch the parade at 2 p.m. The homecoming parade is another great tradition. It begins on Alder, follows Northwood and winds up on Tahoe Blvd and the Raleys parking lot before it heads up Village back to the high school. The theme this year is Board Games, so students have been dressing up in “game appropriate attire” representing Jumanji, Clue, Cards, Candy Land, or Battleship. Each grade will have a float that relates to the “board game” theme. For example: the Freshman will represent the game Jumanji, Sophomores are the game Clue, Juniors are playing cards and Seniors will represent Candyland. (Parade Route Map)

Inclined to Meet Town Hall on the City of Incline Village I normally don’t write about things that have already happened, but I want to mention this one. This Town Hall was sponsored by IVCBA and the IVCB Community Forum.It was attended by well over 150 people who listened respectfully to speakers Todd Lowe and Kevin Lyons talk about the movement to form the City of Incline Village. It is a long process involving much research and work by local citizens and professionals. This Town Hall is one of many steps being taken to inform the community so that a petition can be passed next year, allowing us to formally bring the matter to the community for a ballot vote. Although IVCBA does not take a political stance, we ARE in favor of information and dialogue! There are many opinions; I observe that the common denominator is that all share a deep love for our community. 

Destination management Travel North Tahoe Nevada (formerly the Visitor Bureau) is one of many Tahoe Basin tourism agencies concerned about sustaining our beautiful lake and mountains. They are part of the Tahoe Stewardship Council. Learn more at stewardshiptahoe.org.  TAKE THEIR SURVEY and give your opinions on the subject!

Sheriff’s picnic on October 8 I am going to keep promoting this event because it is such a classic small town event. Put it on your calendar now…more details in next week’s Local Lens!

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Are You Ready for Some Football?

September 21, 2022 | Member Submitted

~ Submitted by Darolyn Skelton (aka Blonde Ale) on behalf of the Girl’s Fantasy Football League in Incline Village ~ Twenty years ago, two girls were hanging out at a sports bar in Incline Village and were curious about all the rage for this thing called “Fantasy Football”. When they inquired about how they could get involved in the local league, they were told “no girls allowed”. They didn’t care for that answer and thus the Girl’s Fantasy Football League was born in Incline Village! Founders Darolyn Skelton and Shelley Robins, with the help of the late Ron “Coach” Bryant and Shelley’s husband Mike, worked on the details of the league and then set out to recruit teams for their first season. Recruiting wasn’t easy in those days. “It’s too hard”, “I don’t have time”, and “I don’t know anything about Football” were some of the hurdles they had to overcome. They managed to recruit eight teams that the first year and found that once they got a woman playing for one season they were hooked. 

“On Sundays in my house, from the time that I was a little kid, and to this day, you never asked what you want to watch on TV. You asked, which game? It’s the reason for the season. I love FF because I love football. In the first years that we had this league, I asked my niece to be my partner. We live on separate coasts because I moved from the East to the West Coast. We had lost some of the amazing communication because of our distance and FF gave us a reason to stay in touch often. It was awesome!”, shares original league member Rosie Webber.

Today the league has grown to two divisions; the Pearls and the Diamonds. The division champions from each division play for the Superbowl. There is a crystal football trophy that is passed around to the winners and there are also financial payouts. “But more importantly are the bragging rights. We are very competitive and have a lot of fun trash-talking each other every season, all in good fun!” says Skelton, aka Blonde Ale. The draft is held in person on Labor Day every year. If you can’t be there in person, you must find someone to recruit for you or you can’t join the league. And the league is strict on its no men policy: no boyfriends, husbands, or male friends are allowed in the draft. The ladies enjoy food and drinks and camaraderie at the draft thanks to all the monies contributed from the drop/ads during the season. 

Carol King and Gayle Griffith, aka the Champagne Chickadees, are the reigning league champions. Carol and Gayle are both longtime locals, but Gayle now flies up from her home in San Diego every year for the draft. “It took us 20 years to win the Superbowl,” said Carol King. “I literally didn’t know one thing about football when I was recruited but was told it is a lot of fun and there were a lot of parties so I thought I would try it out. It’s true – it has been a lot of fun!” Most of the players are or were Incline locals at one time and some fly in from California and a few drive up from Reno. The league has some crazy team names that not rated for publication, but you can find the Pack Attack, Pub Muffins, Fantasy Divas, Dago Dynasty, and Brady Gaga on the roster every year. They now have four commissioners to keep everyone in line including Carol King, Sue Paynter, Shelley Robins, and Rosie Webber.

The league is full this season, but they usually have a few openings each year. If you are interested contact Chktahoe@yahoo.com or RosieHall89450@yahoo.com.

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The Local Lens – A Full Calendar

September 21, 2022 | Linda Offerdahl

I find my calendar filled with amazing events these next few weeks, and I invite you to join me. Each of these events is an opportunity to get to know your neighbors, and engage deeper in building community where we LIVE.WORK.PLAY. See you soon! 

WILD ENCOUNTERS ARTIST RECEPTION ON THURSDAY How often have we gone on an exotic trip and wished our pictures had turned out better? JoAnn and Bill Lippert took those pictures! They are on display in the Mountain Workspace Art Gallery, aka the whole building, through November.  Come and meet JoAnn and Bill at the Artist Reception on Thursday, September 22 from 4:30-6:00 p.m.

CITY OF INCLINE VILLAGE TOWN HALL ON SEPTEMBER 29th Perhaps you have heard there is a movement afoot to become a city. IVCBA’s Inclined to Meet along with IV/CB Community Forum, is hosting a Town Hall with a presentation by Todd Lowe and Kevin Lyons. Todd is the President of the Village League to Save Incline Assets, the organization that filed lawsuits to help our residents recover unfairly assessed taxes. Do some homework before the event by going online to cityofinclinevillage.com. RSVP to Kristen@IVCBA.org

TALKS@TAHOE UNR at Lake Tahoe is bringing a speaker series to Incline Village. It has its roots in the Great Conversations Speaker Series that has brought the scholarship of accomplished faculty from UNR’s College of Liberal Arts for the last 17 years. The first one brings Dr. Sudeep Chandra to speak on “My Lake Tahoe: Science Actions to Conserve Nature and Economy”. This event is on Wednesday, September 28, 5 p.m. at Prim Library. Free tickets are available on Eventbrite.

TAHOE TALKS at INCLINE VILLAGE LIBRARY Don’t be confused by the similarity in name with UNR at Lake Tahoe’s speaker series! The Incline Village Library is relaunching its roundtable discussion programs. Tahoe Talks features a timely topic with guest experts. The goal of the program is to share first-hand information and experience with fellow community members in a non-charged setting. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 11 for the program on Homelessness in the Tahoe Basin.

SAVE THE DATE: Washoe County Sheriff’s Picnic on Oct. 8 at Aspen Grove/Village Green

Fill your calendar with community events by visiting our local events calendar at IVCBA.org

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The Local Lens: AHA Moments & Wildfire

September 14, 2022 | Linda Offerdahl

AHA Moments…TAHOE FORUM on Friday! We have a rare opportunity to listen to entrepreneur extraordinaire Sir Richard Branson and marine artist and conservationist Guy Harvey at AHA moments at UNR at Lake Tahoe Friday at 2 p.m. These two speakers represent the best of the higher education institution housed in Incline Village: arts, environment, and entrepreneurship. Formerly Sierra Nevada College/University and now UNR at Lake Tahoe, is carrying out the vision of Nancy Siebens Binz for a community event that would bring extraordinary people to Incline Village for the education of all. Ms. Binz is an important benefactor of Sierra Nevada College, working tirelessly to bring private higher education to our community. She herself was instrumental in bringing such people as Madame Sadat from Egypt, Steve Jobs, and Maye Musk, to Incline over the years. Learn more in our Tahoe Forum UNR Reno at Lake Tahoe community profile.


We were so fortunate to have July and August free of smoke, it was easy to forget that the fire season is usually in the fall. We run the risk of canceled events due to smoke, but hopefully not be any serious risk to our homes. My heart goes out to those suffering loss in the Mosquito fire area along with myriad other fires. That potential risk is wreaking havoc with many of us in Incline Village and Crystal Bay regarding fire insurance. The cost of insurance and cancelation of policies is affecting many residents. Parasol Tahoe initiated action through its Tahoe Communities Fire Forum in June, bringing together the two Tahoe Nevada fire chiefs, Menath Insurance, and other agencies. Please take Parasol’s fire insurance survey if you have not done so already. Think about donating to their Tahoe Fire Safe Fund! Mike Menath (IVCBA founding member) is working with the Department of Insurance to resolve some of the issues at the state level, as well as come up with alternative policies for their clients. State Farm (IVCBA Local Business member) is still able to write their “all-peril” policies in Nevada and is working with other insurance agencies in Incline Village. We look to Parasol Tahoe to update us soon on this communitywide initiative. 


OK, I don’t usually talk about things afterward, BUT this IVCBA mixer last night was such a success, watch for the next one! Meet other locals, support a business, and hear about a local issue. What a great combination! Thank you to Nellie, Jonas, and the staff at Tahoe Jane.

Great Sierra Beach Clean-up on Saturday

Check in at the Rec Center at 9:00 a.m. to pick up supplies! And thanks to IVGID, Carolyn Usinger, and Ben Doeffler for making “Hero Sticks”, a combo walking stick, trash grabber, and bag available from the Rec Center too. The concept is “Care for Tahoe and be a Hero!”. 

2nd Annual Mexican Heritage Festival in Truckee on Friday

There are so few opportunities to celebrate our ethnic diversity, I really encourage everyone to support this event on Friday. And how do we get something like that in Incline?


  • Saturday, September 17: Kids and Horses event at the Crystal Bay Club September 18 Golf from the Heart, the IVCH Women’s Auxiliary Golf Tournament
  • Tuesday, Sept 20: IVCBA Welcome new members and residents at Mountain Workspace @ 4:30 p.m.
  • Thursday, Sept 22: Wild Encounters Artist Reception at Mountain Workspace @ 4:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Sept 27: Inclined to Meet Town Hall @ the Chateau at 6 p.m. Learn about the City of Incline Village from Todd Lowe and Kevin Lyons.

Visit our local events calendar on IVCBA.org for more great things to do and experience.

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Business Profile: Nevada Jane

September 7, 2022 | Kayla Anderson

Incline’s newest eatery and cocktail lounge called Nevada Jane (formerly known as Gus’ Open Pit Barbecue) is now open, and welcoming people to try its quality street food-inspired cuisine and upscale drinks that are sure to tantalize the palate.

Jonas and Nellie Saia bought the restaurant in late August of last year and kept it open as Gus’ to keep the staff employed as they prepared for this transition. Nevada Jane is the couple’s fourth restaurant in Incline Village, first acquiring Austin’s in 2014, then Tomaato’s in 2016 (and reopening it as Fumo in 2019), and then Cool Mess – a coffee shop/ice cream parlor behind Austin’s. 

Jonas has been in Incline Village for 19 years, working for almost a decade of that as a bartender at Lone Eagle Grille and attending Sierra Nevada University. He eventually got a job as a business broker which gave him the opportunity to learn how to successfully take over and run a restaurant in a unique place like Incline Village. Last August, Jonas’s former boss at the business brokerage told him that there was a business for sale in Lake Tahoe but wouldn’t tell him what or where in the Basin it was. 

After signing the NDA agreements and learning that the business for sale was Gus,’ the Saias became thrilled about the prospect of obtaining it.

“We were very excited…it was close to our other restaurants, and we were looking for another investment,” Jonas says. The Saias took over Gus’ in October of 2021 and converted it into Nevada Jane just a few weeks ago.

Jonas had collaborated with chef Henry Nol, who he met through his brother, who focused on sustainable seafood and bringing interesting street food into a restaurant setting. Nol helped the Saias with the transition of their other restaurants and launch Fumo and is now on a more permanent basis with Nevada Jane. Jonas loves buying restaurants but credits his wife Nellie for coming up with the menus and managing the frontline work.

Jonas himself has worked in restaurants since he was 14 years old, and he loves barbeque, but he didn’t want to own just another average BBQ joint…the couple wanted to bring a new twist to southern cooking and put their own branding on it. When they go on vacation, they get inspired by street food and distinct cultures, and work to fold that vibe back into their dining establishments. 

“It’s been good; we changed the furniture, added late night food, and we’re now open until midnight on Friday and Saturdays,” Jonas says. The fact that they are open so late on the weekends is huge, as most places in North Lake Tahoe are closed by 8 or 9pm. 

They also brought in tasty cocktails over from Fumo. Just ask Nevada Jane’s office manager Lisa about the restaurant’s jalapeno-infused tequila with citrus and muddled strawberry signature cocktail. 

“The cocktails there remind me of some of the best ones I’ve had in San Francisco,” she says. 

“It’s a fun drink to try. And after going to the city and coming back and having a place to go later in the evening is so nice,” Lisa adds.

“People want to get dinner later now, and we want Nevada Jane’s to be more of a restaurant/lounge,” adds Jonas. 

Lisa, Jonas, and I start sharing stories about the former iterations of Nevada Jane’s (back when it was the Mexican restaurant Esmeralda’s and what locals called the dark and spooky bar upstairs), that is also supposedly haunted. 

“We burned a lot of sage to get rid of the ghosts,” Jonas chuckles. 

“Nevada Jane has great potential. This energy…” Lisa says, giving us both an air hug in the room as we laugh and share in nostalgia, “…is what we want there. It’s a local’s place, but it’s for everybody else, too. There are good things going on there and I hope people will embrace this change. There’s a lot of excitement and energy put into this. And Jonas and Nellie do a good job of bringing in the right vibe.” 

“We’ve been working on this for nine months. Fumo was a fun project and this one will be even better,” Jonas adds. 

When asked why they enjoy being members of the IVCBA, they reply, “It’s a collaboration. We participated in the Sip & Shop and Northern Lights events with all our businesses (Gus’/Nevada Jane, Fumo, Austin’s, and Cool Mess), and it’s great to keep up with what’s going on and have the support of the Association,” Lisa says. 

“It’s nice to see things happening here, and everyone come back after covid,” Jonas says.

Visit Nevada Jane in person at 930 Tahoe Blvd in the Raley’s Center or online

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The Local Lens – Nevada Jane to host IVCBA BizBuz Mixer

September 7, 2022 | Linda Offerdahl

NEVADA JANE…Who? Whaaat? Gus’ Open Pit Barbecue in the Raley’s Center is getting a new brand and vibe with the name of Nevada Jane! They are hosting the first IVCBA BizBuz Mixer next Tuesday, September 13 from 5-7p.m. Come and enjoy samples of their Latin street food inspired cuisine and a specialty cocktail. IVCBA members, guests, and prospective members are invited. Todd Lowe will give an update on the City of Incline Village. This is the first business mixer since COVID. Please come out and support our business community. RSVP to Kristen@IVCBA.org.

Note: This Tahoe Eatery is the brainchild of the Tahoe Fresh Company, owned by Jonas and Nellie Saia. It is part of their restaurant conglomerate that includes Austin’s, Fumo, and Cool Mess in the Country Club Center. Learn more: Nevada Jane business profile on IVCBA’s blog.

Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) Update

Once a month, Washoe County holds meetings to update each local community on projects and relevant subjects. It is an effort to keep us connected and give us a voice. Incline Village Crystal Bay citizens can go through a simple process to become a member of the CAB. It is run by a very capable woman, Diane Becker, and a number of other dedicated, concerned citizens. They do their homework and give thoughtful, insightful feedback to the County. Can I just say how much I admire this group? Thank you, CAB members, for your service!

Last night’s CAB meeting agenda had two major items. Washoe County Manager Eric Brown was seeking feedback on the CAB process and how to improve communications, particularly on development projects with our community. The second major item was a presentation of recommendations from the County’s Washoe Tahoe Transportation Study. Not the mobility hub. Traffic lights, mixed-use trails, things that affect how walkable, bikeable, and safe our streets are. Mark your calendar for October 4 for the community summit on this subject. Learn more about the CAB.


September is proving to be just packed. Don’t kick back yet! Find all event details on our local events calendar at IVCBA.org.

  • Trails and Vistas has its annual Art Hike up in Sheep Flats on Saturday and Sunday. If you don’t have tickets, you might just be able to get them, if you act fast. But they do this every year at this time. Even I can commune with nature if I have talented artists sharing their work along the way.
  • There’s a new nonprofit in town, the Village Pet Foundation! Its goal is to raise funds for veterinarian care for pets in need. The Village Pet Fair is their first fundraiser, this Saturday, September 10 at Preston Field. It’s a community yard sale and lots of activities for pets and owners. Bring your dog! Or take one home from a shelter!
  • TOCCATA performs its annual “Remembrance” concert ON Sunday, 9-11. It’s a great way to remember and reflect back on the attack on the Twin Towers in 2001.
  • Tuesday, September 13: Republican Women’s Fun with Fashion Show luncheon at the Chateau. They do this every year under the direction of Joanellen Slocumb. Proceeds go to their scholarship fund.


  • Friday, September 16: Tahoe Forum presents AHA Moments with Sir Richard Branson and Guy Harvey
  • Saturday, September 17: Kids and Horses event at the Crystal Bay Club
  • Sunday, September 18: Golf from the Heart, the IVCH Women’s Auxiliary Golf Tournament


A handful of longtime local citizens have passed away recently. They contributed greatly to our community. They will be missed. At the risk of omitting those I don’t know of, I want to recognize:

Barbara Leech

Thalia Routsis

Bill Slocumb

John Welsch

Dan Yori

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