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Business Profile – Incline Property Management

April 30, 2024 | Kayla Anderson

Originally published in IVCBA’s LIVE.WORK.PLAY Magazine (Spring, 2024) Written by Kayla Anderson

Anyone who has been in Incline Village for an extended period has likely seen the Incline Property Management (IPM) trucks driving around town. Working with homeowners in the Reno, Carson, and East Shore Lake Tahoe region since 1979, IPM is all about helping people maintain the integrity of their second homes so that they remain stress-free vacation spots, especially at a time when the construction of many of these homes are reaching the end of their useful lives. 

Celebrating its 45th year in business, Larry Wodarski is the third owner of IPM. The story goes that the founder saw a need for providing services for the onslaught of homeowners’ associations that were being built in Incline, and he started IPM with a focus in property management and helping the new HOAs with their financial statements. As Incline’s number of homeowners grew over the years, IPM’s services expanded with it, and they evolved to include grounds maintenance, housecleaning, home inspections, customized concierge services, and management of long-term rentals. 

“The uniqueness of the Village allowed this company to seize these opportunities,” Wodarski says, and they were in an advantageous position to offer these services considering that the availability of contractors and handyman services are so limited here.

“Most HOA companies simply provide management to their clients but in our case we do much more than that,” Wodarski reiterates. Out of the 132 HOAs in Incline Village, IPM manages 50 of them, ranging from small four-unit properties to 250-unit complexes. IPM also keeps an office in Carson City and has 70 employees between the two (most of them work in Incline Village). 

Wodarski admits that his favorite part of being involved with IPM is “working with our people and making things happen.” There is one employee who has been there for 30 years, another for 26 years, and a handful of others who’ve been there for 14-16 years. “There’s a culture in this company that we all take pride in,” he says, explaining that a lot of it comes from feeling continuously grateful to work in a place like Incline. 

When asked what the most popular people utilize IPM service is, Wodarski says it’s definitely the community management- working closely with HOA boards on financial statements and bill pay. Next is the grounds maintenance and housekeeping. A small faction of IPM is managing long-term rentals, something that IPM would like to do more of.

“We deal with zero short-term rentals; the associations don’t interchange them,” Wodarski says. He recognizes that the STR discussion is a controversial issue with the lack of workforce housing available, but he is working with other local entities and officials to try to be part of the solution. 

“We look for the owners of condos that we manage… we know them well and have seen their lives change. When we start to see them less frequently, we try to encourage those owners to do long-term rentals.” He explains that not only would second homeowners be getting a more consistent income but they would not have to worry so much about maintenance issues, and when they come up during a holiday period then they can use their rent money to stay at the Hyatt and enjoy their vacation, all while helping the local economy. 

For instance, Wodarski says that frozen pipes are an issue every single winter and when the pipes burst, and their place gets flooded– those end up being very expensive insurance claims. (However, home inspections are a service that IPM offers.)

IPM provides a great benefit to Incline, but Wodarski understands what the village has given back, and tries to act accordingly. For instance, IPM donates time every spring to clean up the 431 roundabout and it sets up and tears down for the Shakespeare Festival every year as well as give a generous in-kind donation. 

Most of their business comes from word-of-mouth and from people coming in and saying, “We see your trucks running around the Village so you must be doing something right.”

IPM is doing something right, and it shows. 

“We all feel a sense of pride and responsibility; we’re out there every day making things happen,” Wodarski says. 

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Ski-Related Businesses in Incline Village to Help you Enjoy your Winter in our Sierra Nevada Playground

March 6, 2024 | Member Submitted

By Drew Monson, UNRLT student and IVCBA Business Intern and staff members 

We finally got that big storm we have all been waiting for! There are plenty of businesses in Incline that want to help you enjoy it. With our very own Diamond Peak, groomed trails at Mt. Rose by Nevada Nordic, and a handful of businesses supplying gear for rental and purchase, there’s no better time than now to experience our winter wonderland. 

Nevada Nordic 

Cross-country skiing. Groomed trails off of Mt. Rose. Free. THIS is what Nevada Nordic has done for our community. Trails are groomed nightly right now. Go to Nevadanordic.org for trail maps and the best places to park. Nevada Nordic is dedicated to establishing groomed trails where individuals of all ages and skill levels can engage in outdoor pursuits such as cross-country skiing. Nevadanordic.com

Tahoe Multisport Cross-Country Ski and Snowshoe Rentals

If you are new to winter sports and don’t have the equipment, try renting from Tahoe Multisport. Based in Incline Village, Tahoe Multisport stands as a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts. For those eager to glide through the serene winter landscape, Tahoe Multisport provides cross-country ski and snowshoe rentals. When the seasons change, look forward to their kayak and paddleboard rentals. Tahoe Multisport offers a diverse array of equipment rentals, sales, and guided experiences to cater to every outdoor pursuit.

Visit Tahoe Multisport’s website Here .

Diamond Peak Ski Resort

After the recent storm, avoid driving far on the snowy roads and ski local at Diamond Peak!  Here’s the highlights of seasonal events yet to come.

March 23-24th:  the Luggi Foeger Uphill/Downhill Festival. Race to the top of the mountain using any human-powered method (skins, snowshoes, etc.), then ski or snowboard back down to the finish line.  

April 13th: the  22nd annual Dummy Downhill is where participants build dummies to get launched off of a big jump and crash hard while spectators gather and watch.  

On select Wednesdays for the rest of the season, enjoy Last Tracks Wine/Beer Tastings from Snowflake Lodge. On select Fridays, join guides from the Incline Village Parks & Recreation Department for evening Snowshoe Hikes to Diamond Peak’s Snowflake Lodge. 

Check out more at DiamondPeak.com 

Village Ski Loft 

Get the latest and greatest ski and snowboard gear available for both rental and purchase. Their knowledgeable staff is there to help you make informed choices that result in better rides and more fun. They have an a amazing stock of name brand ski wear, boots, mittens and everything you need to be comfortable…and fashionable. Their stock changes with seasons. They are truly a year-round retail and rental shop.  Check out their mountain bikes. But right now, go get geared up at the Village Ski Loft and prepare to get the most out of the recent snowstorm on the mountains!

Explore more of The Village Ski Loft on their website.

Try A Skibike LLC

Can’t decide which sport is your favorite? Skiing or mountain biking? Why decide! Try A Skibike, a new member of IVCBA gives a new way to get down the mountain. Some skibike friendly resorts in Lake Tahoe are Sierra-at-Tahoe, Heavenly, Northstar, Kirkwood and Boreal. Try A Skibike has a comprehensive range of services including rentals, demos, lessons, and a structured Learn to Ride program featuring six progressive levels. Moreover, they provide Skibike coaching certification and collaborate with multiple skibike rental vendors and manufacturers. Learn more at tryaskibike.com

Praxis Custom Skis Handcrafted in Incline Village

Praxis is a local company based in Incline Village, crafting skis in a distinctive manner that sets them apart. Unlike the conventional industry practice of using plastic tops, Praxis uses handcrafted wood veneer tops. By opting for wood veneers over plastic tops, Praxis is taking a step towards a more eco-friendly approach to skiing. The use of wood veneers not only reduces the environmental impact but also elevates the skis’ performance. With Praxis, you also have the option to customize your skis, which is a unique offering to this area.

Explore more of Praxis Skis on their website. 

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The Sanctuary Tahoe is a local “Wellness Gem”

February 6, 2024 | Member Submitted

Submitted by The Sanctuary Lake Tahoe, Written by Rosie Webber & Brooke Haley

Nestled on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe within the breathtaking beauty of Crystal Bay and Kings Beach, this boutique wellness powerhouse features daily yoga classes, meditation, breathwork, yoga therapy, massage therapy, reiki and barre classes. Bi-monthly sound healings and yomassage are popular offerings, along with wellness workshops being offered monthly.

Having hosted many corporate wellness retreats, birthday and bachelorette retreats as well as healing retreats, The Sanctuary has become the number one choice for these amazing events.

Naturopathic medicine, ayurveda, nutrition and health coaching, mindset counseling and cognitive behavioral counseling are all offered within a serene and private setting.

The Sanctuary is owned and run by Roseanna Webber, RN, BSN, Certified Nutrition and Health Coach and Certified Yoga for Cancer Instructor. “Rosie”, has lived on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe for 34 years. As a cancer survivor herself, she has come to better recognize and understand the need for overall health and wellness in every community. She and The Sanctuary are dedicated to provide all of this and more to OUR community.

The robust yoga program is run by Brooke Haley, a well-known enthusiast and mentor in the yoga and wellness industry. Together, they are determined to bring goodness, health, wellness and love to all who enter their doors. The Sanctuary features the regions’ most renown and beloved certified yoga instructors and certified massage therapists. The talent and care of everyone providing wellness within our walls, is beyond measure.

Additional offerings include: custom sacred healing retreats and corporate wellness offerings uniquely curated which include cold immersion therapy, transformative breathwork, mindful movement, yoga nidra meditations and forest guided hikes.

The Sanctuary specializes in one of a kind retreats based on your individual, group or corporate needs creating an experience that will live in your hearts forever.
Come experience The Sanctuary’s unique new offerings, debuting the first weekend in February. Restore + Radiate Flow Saturdays at 8:30am and Meditation, Pranayama and Yogic Philosophy Sundays at 8:30am. 

Visit us at www.thesanctuarytahoe.com or come in and see us at 205 Stateline Road in Kings Beach.

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In The News – Hidden hot spot offers unique Tahoe dining experience  

February 2, 2024 | Member Submitted

Originally Published in The Tahoe Daily Tribune on 2/01/24, Written by Robert Galloway

If you have driven by the old Mellow Fellow building at the state line in North Lake Tahoe and wondered what has gone into the space, you’re not alone. While the inside and outside of the building has gone through a complete makeover, there is no signage out front to let people know what lies inside.  

Even searching online brings up limited information, which is partly by design by the restaurant that’s serving up a unique dining experience for its guests. Smoke Door – Lake Tahoe Saryo doesn’t currently have a website and the only way to contact them is via phone – or by walking through its doors.  

“The owners definitely don’t want to have a sign. They want to be very incognito,” says maître d Ria Kim. “They want to be very hidden and the people who know, know, or don’t, don’t.”  



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Bridget Giroux Design

December 9, 2023 | Kayla Anderson

Published in Live Work Play (Fall 2023), Written by Kayla Anderson

The mother/daughter interior design firm behind Bridget Giroux Design has taken Incline Village by storm ever since it was incepted in fall of 2022, and its client base and business continue to grow.  

Both named Bridget (as well as a baby Bridget who was just welcomed into the world this past September), it all started when Bridget Giroux moved to Incline Village in 2021. 

Giroux grew up in the Bay Area, and her parents Bridget and Bob Crowe moved to Incline Village 13 years ago. As the Crowes built a life on the East Shore, their daughter Bridget pursued a career in design. Giroux moved to the Midwest and went to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Upon graduation, she worked at a luxury workroom that specialized in bedding and linens at one of the top designers in the area and later got a job with renowned American designer Holly Hunt working in design and product development. Giroux traveled all around the world for that job for six years and then covid came, bringing her traveling to a halt. 

“Covid changed the way we thought about what life would look like,” Bridget Giroux says. 

Being back on the West Coast again, Giroux found a remote job continuing interior design, met her husband, and they thought for the first time ever of moving out of the city. 

“At that point I knew how the industry worked and two things struck me about Incline: 1) I couldn’t believe how many artists are here; and 2) there are so few places for them to show their work,” Giroux adds. “No one in Incline was really embracing that, so we saw an opportunity here to bring in this new perspective.” 

The pandemic also brought a new demographic of residents moving to Northern Nevada who had an appreciation for contemporary fine art and home decor.  

At the same time Bridget Giroux Design was launched, longtime Incline Village resident Piper Monika Johnson moved her fine art gallery from Incline Village to Truckee. Piper M. Johnson and the Bridgets met, and they began sharing artists. In the small office space above Drink Coffee Do Stuff, the Bridgets started hosting popup exhibitions. Its first few artists had roots in Incline, such as abstract artist Susan Watson, still life/landscape artist Mary Nagal Klein, illustrator Liz Paganelli, and mixed-media artist Jason Forcier. Since Giroux has such a sophisticated eye for design and a small showroom that does not keep regular hours, the Bridgets are highly selective in what artists they work with. 

“The pop-up model works well because it creates a sense of urgency,” Giroux says. 

“There’s a nice mix of longtime locals and visitors who come to these popups, and it’s never crowded at our events. We have a targeted mailing list and personally invited people via email, so it feels more exclusive, although anyone is welcome to attend,” she says. 

However, hosting popup exhibits for local artists is more of a passion project; the main breadth of their business is derived from more extensive interior design projects. 

Bridget Giroux Design has worked with at least 10 Incline Village residents on their house projects, everything from full-on remodels to light interior refreshes. They’ve done four very large renovations, replacing all the furniture, window treatments, cabinets, sinks. Bridget Giroux Design also does art consultations, and helps people figure out what’s worth keeping or getting rid of.

“That’s our bread and butter, redoing the flooring, trim, paint, lighting,” Giroux says. 

They recently began a project where they helped gut an entire home down to the studs, putting in new tile, cabinetry, backsplash, vanity sinks- pretty much everything- in the kitchen and bathroom. 

They’ve worked with clients and their homes as far away as Maui to Kings Beach, Glenbrook, and Glenshire, but they’re mainly focused on Incline Village.

“We take on different projects of different scales,” Giroux adds. 

In December 2022, Bridget Giroux Design also hosted a monthlong Holiday Sip and Shop on the weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. It’s something that they will bring back this winter season since last year’s popup was so successful. 

“People wanted to shop locally and support artists,” says Giroux.

“We curated the popup tight- every single in the store was super special, nothing you could find anywhere else,” she says, explaining that they target high-end customers looking for heirloom-quality home furnishings. Most items they sell during the popups are $600-$1400 apiece, which could include handwoven throws, fresh floral arrangements, and even high-end candles that smell like Hidden Beach. Bridget Giroux Design works with a porcelain ceramist who lives in South Lake Tahoe and creates dishwasher-safe “modern fine China” dish sets that cost anywhere from $200-$450. 

“Our ethos is in the popups and art exhibits. We shop, and use as much local as we can, trying to support art and the artisan ecosystem.”

“We learned so much last year from those. We’re going to bring back a ton of bestselling items,” Giroux explains, adding that people were calling in July asking if they’ll have certain things back in stock. Everything that the design team carries is handmade, artisan quality. The fall/spring holiday popups are great because you can get specially curated items right here in Incline Village without having to worry about driving to Reno. 

In looking towards the future, along with getting ready for the holiday popup, Giroux says the business is currently focusing on their existing clients and will be taking on new clients this November for 2024. The Bridgets pride themselves on their ability to find upscale items that complement a relaxed mountain lifestyle. 

“It’s possible to live with beautiful things that are not necessarily precious but aesthetically comforting, special, that tell a story,” Giroux says. Like Adrienne [Belair’s] porcelain ceramic work that’s dishwasher safe, easy to live with, yet handmade and artistic. “People want their homes to be practical,” she says. 

“We are unique in that my mom and I come to every single appointment; the two of us are there throughout the entire process from start to finish. People seem to appreciate that we live here in town, understand the nuances of living in Tahoe, and work personally with them on their needs,” Bridget Giroux says. Her mother Bridget Crowe is active in rotary, the Incline Business Exchange, board of realtors, and does a lot of volunteer work.

“We do ‘everyday luxury’ projects and are trying to establish ourselves as a design resource for people. Our mission is to share these cool people who are making amazing work,” Giroux says.  

“We are still evolving and growing,” Bridget Crowe says. 

This year’s Bridget Giroux Design Holiday Sip and Shop popup will run from the day after Thanksgiving from 5pm-8pm and then open Fridays-Sundays from 11am-4pm through December 23rd. For more information about Bridget Giroux Design, visit www.bridgetgiroux.com

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GilanFarr – Full Service Architectural Design Firm

October 12, 2023 | Member Submitted

GilanFarr Architects operates as a full-service Architectural Design Firm that includes Interior Design and Construction. The firm was established in October of 1989 and is based out of Incline Village, Nevada. A broad Residential and Commercial Design background serves our clients in all aspects of their projects.

We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by incorporating their wants, needs, and budgets into a comprehensive result. When creating designs for our clients, we aspire to embody their personal relationship with the home or business as well as the surrounding natural environment.

Our firm provides professional architectural services that include Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, Estimating, Bidding and Permitting. In addition, we offer Energy Conservation Analysis’, Master Planning services, Long Range Growth Planning / Feasibility Studies and Site Evaluations.

GilanFarr Interiors provides exceptional Material, Fixture, and Furniture Procurement, as well Custom Drawings, Space Planning, and Consulting Services. Oversight of purchasing and installation is also offered. Our design-build system ensures that clients go into any type of renovation or new build project well informed and with all of the specifications.

GilanFarr Construction is a full-service design-build operation providing comprehensive construction management for the entire building process.

GilanFarr Architecture has worked extensively through the entire permit process with all the governmental agencies in the Tahoe-Truckee area, including the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. We look forward to completing any vision you may dream of for your business or home.

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Brand Geek Founder Lara the Lawyer

October 4, 2023 | Member Submitted

Lara Pearson, aka Lara the Lawyer who Loves Law, moved to Incline Village in 1998 while she was still in law school. She first interned for the Honorable Justice Miriam Shearing on the Nevada Supreme Court and then for the Nevada State Public Defender’s Office before graduating from Northeastern University School of Law in the spring of 1999. Lara was licensed to practice law in Nevada that same year as well and has practiced trademark law from Incline Village ever since.

Lara will be the first to tell you that her law firm, Brand Geek, is an intellectual property law firm that’s run by and for soulfulpreneurs. Brand Geek is a proud Nevada Certified Green Business, as well as having the honor of being Nevada’s first legal benefit corporation. Brand Geek has been a member of 1% for the Planet (businesses donating a minimum of 1% annual gross revenue to environmental groups) since January, 2006 and a Certified B Corporation (a company that measures and manages its entire social and environmental impact) since February, 2008. Brand Geek is also thrilled to have received the honor of Best for the World in Governance from B Lab this year (as well as in 2019).

Locally, Brand Geek supports Mountain Area Preservation (MAP) and the League to Save Lake Tahoe and encourages other area businesses to collaborate with these and other local NGOs which are dedicated to protecting the land and communities in which we live, work and thrive.

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Grocery Outlet to Open November 2nd!

September 26, 2023 | Member Submitted

A Message from Owners Ryan & Shannon Parish

Having served the North Lake Tahoe community since 2020, we are both thrilled and grateful to expand our services in the community even further by opening a second Grocery Outlet in Incline Village. We have had the great privilege of presently working with local organizations such as Sierra Community House, Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation (WARF), and several other non-profits as a family. Now located in the heart of the Incline Village community, we are so excited to further build and strengthen our relationships with the numerous local organizations that make Incline Village into the unique and vibrant community that it is.

As business owners, we strive to bring you the best high-quality, fresh products at exceptionally affordable prices compared to other grocery stores. As locals, we cannot wait for the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our family to you. Please don’t hesitate to stop in and say hello!


At Grocery Outlet, we love brands. Like, really love them. That’s why we work so hard every day to bring our customers the brands they love at prices that are nothing short of pure bliss. In fact, we’ve been helping customers save big since 1946. That’s when our founder Jim Read opened his very first store, selling military surplus at deep discount prices.

The rest, as they say, is history. And today, the third generation of the Read family is leading the way, with over 400 stores across the nation and more than 1.5 million shoppers hitting the aisles each week. That makes Grocery Outlet the nation’s largest extreme value retailer. A feat we’re more than proud of.


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Discover Comprehensive Wellness at Backcountry Chiropractic’s Open House Event this Friday 

August 23, 2023 | Member Submitted

Join us at our Open House event on Friday, the 25th, from 12 PM to 3 PM, as we showcase an array of transformative services designed to elevate your well-being. We offer a range of specialized treatments tailored to your needs. 

CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS: Experience relief and alignment through expert chiropractic adjustments, targeting spinal misalignments for improved overall function. 

SOFT TISSUE THERAPY: Relax and recover with targeted soft tissue therapy, which alleviates muscle tension and enhances mobility. 

FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT EXERCISES: Enhance flexibility, strength, and coordination with personalized functional movement exercises suitable for various wellness goals.

DECOMPRESSION THERAPY: Discover relief from pressure and promote healing with gentle decompression therapy, ideal for conditions like herniated discs.

LOW-LEVEL LASER THERAPY: Experience non-invasive pain reduction and tissue repair through advanced low-level laser therapy. 

HOLISTIC HEALTH ADVICE: Beyond physical treatments, our practitioners offer valuable health advice, including nutrition insights, stress management, and lifestyle tips. 

During the Open House, engage with Dr. Malley, explore our offerings, and enjoy complimentary snacks and beverages. Join us on Friday to embark on a holistic journey toward lasting well-being.

Jonathan Malley D.C.
937 Tahoe Blvd. #205 Incline Village, NV 

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Tahoe Multisport for Year-Round Adventure Gear

July 15, 2023 | Kayla Anderson

The snow melted and the chickadees are singing, marking the time for residents and visitors alike to come out of their dens and start enjoying the outdoors. But there is so much to do between biking, kayaking, and paddleboarding…where to start? 

It usually depends on what kind of equipment you have, who you’re with, and the easiest/safest way to get to the beach. 

Fortunately, Tahoe Multisport is a small locally owned business located in the upper corner of the Village Shopping Center (on 797 Southwood Boulevard Unit #10 next to Tahoe Family Solutions in Incline Village) run by JP Donovan and Belinda Quené. They are both passionate about the outdoors, extremely knowledgeable about the East Shore (and greater Truckee/Tahoe basin) and are open year-round to ensure that you and your friends have a good time. 

On a warm sunny afternoon, Quené is outside rearranging their quiver of kayaks and paddleboards. Inside is an inviting reception area and rooms of equipment including cross-country skis, poles, boots, paddles, and e-Bikes. 

Many people in the IV/CB area know of JP Donovan, who grew up in Incline Village and spent a lot of his life running cross-country and competing in triathlons. Quené was born in South Africa and relocated to the United States with her parents when she was young, then moved to Lake Tahoe in 2014 after college when she got a job at Northstar California.  

“I came here to ski, and liked the idea of living by a lake,” she says. After that first winter season, she stayed in the area and continued working seasonal jobs until she met Donovan at the climbing gym the following year. 

Before Donovan met Quené, he was renting out paddleboards as a side job, storing them at his house, and delivering them to customers when they booked the gear online. As his side hustle grew, he acquired more SUPs and eventually needed more space to store them all. 

“Then we started doing this full-time,” he says. Seeing what Backroads was doing, Donovan also had the goal of hosting tours and needed gear to do that. At that time, stand-up paddleboarding began taking off and he responded to the growing trend by investing in some inflatable ones. 

“The equipment has gotten better in the last 10 years and there are a lot of advantages to paddleboarding- it’s easier to get on the water and you’re able to see down to the bottom of the lake. I also saw the advantages to inflatables- I like that you can take them in a backpack and not have to get one only on a beach,” Donovan adds. 

However, he says he felt stifled in putting on tours while trying to keep up with purchasing enough equipment, so he decided to rent out the equipment first. “Then I met Belinda, and we started working and growing the business together,” Donovan explained.  

They opened their brick-and-mortar business in March of 2021, and being in a place like Tahoe and operating an outdoor multisport company during the pandemic helped sales (when businesses were allowed to reopen). 

“We got busy when covid hit,” Quené adds. Tahoe Multisport started renting out SUPs first, but then found that when the lake got colder their customers preferred kayaks since there was less of a risk of falling in.

Providing not only the boards, boats, and bikes but other accessories as well (like bike trailers, baby seats, and dog carriers), Tahoe Multisport noticed that people would bike down to the beach with a kayak trailer or inflatable SUP. Customers were renting multiple types of equipment in one transaction, which is how they came up with their business name. 

“The other day we had people renting snowshoes, kayaks, and bikes all in the same day,” Donovan reiterates, back in the springtime when we still had an abundance of snow. 

“When we moved into this shop, we bought a bunch of bikes to offer an activity when it’s windy out, too,” Quené says. 

No matter where they’re coming from, people tend to rent equipment and take it to the beach or on the bus that runs to Sand Harbor, as Tahoe Multisport is conveniently located next to the temporary/future transit center as well. 

Considering that the local beaches are always a bit vague on how many people they let in, when, and who, Tahoe Multisport can also be a vital resource for how to best enjoy the lake or surrounding trails no matter what time they arrive. 

“People come here and don’t know where to go, and we can help save the day…if parking is full or it’s a busy time and people just drove from a long way away to experience Tahoe,” Donovan says. Especially when taking a tour with someone who intricately knows the area. 

Open year-round, Tahoe Multisport also provides winter equipment. The owners have rented out cross-country equipment to the Gateway Mountain Center, different Boys & Girls clubs around the Tahoe area, Tahoe Expedition Academy, and Strider Gliders. Tahoe Multisport has equipped the Incline middle school high school with snow equipment, and they store winter gear for UNR at Lake Tahoe. 

At that moment, a local guy brought back a pair of kids’ cross-country skis that he rented for the season, grateful that he didn’t have to buy and store them at his house. 

Since business was picking up even when there was still a lot of snow on the ground, I wondered if they ever ran out of equipment.

“We do sell out of bikes sometimes, but we offer online bookings for all tours and rentals. We accept rentals as far as a year out, and we do last-minute walkups. There’s about a 50/50 of each [people booking online and just coming in],” Donovan says. 

“Unless it’s a holiday weekend, you can usually reserve gear the night before,” Quené adds. 

With the ease, convenience, and accessibility to Tahoe’s East Shore beaches, going to Tahoe Multisport for all your summer outdoor equipment needs is a no-brainer.

“We’re set up to be the emergency last minute outfitter for the outdoors,” Donovan says. 

For more information about Tahoe Multisport or to book a tour/reserve equipment online, visit https://tahoemultisport.wordpress.com/

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