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Simulcast the IVCB SkyShow Music

June 30, 2023 | Julie Malkin-Manning

This Fourth of July, IVCB SkyShow attendees have the option to simulcast the synchronized music for the laser and drone show, by DJ Mark Sexton. There will be full sound at the show, so the app is not required – it can just add a little more ambiance at your seat!

Download the SkyStreamEvents App at this QR Code and open the phone app as the show starts to hear the score at your seat.

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In The News: TRPA approves amendment to area plan with serious mitigations, approve extension of beach shuttle

June 30, 2023 | Miranda Jacobson

Originally published in the Tahoe Daily Tribune 06/30/2023, Written by Miranda Jacobson

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev.— Tahoe Regional Planning Agency governing board voted to approve the amendment to the Tahoe Area Plan in Incline Village’s Special Area 1, with serious mitigations to promote mixed-use development and achievable housing. 

At their meeting Wednesday, June 28, the governing board heard a presentation from TRPA’s senior planner Jacob Stock, who explained the background of the need for an amendment before getting into the different mitigations that would be implemented. 

“Our goal for these mitigation measures was to really implement existing policy that’s already in the area plan,” said Stock. 


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PINE NUTS – The Ombudsman

June 30, 2023 | McAvoy Lane

Having been born in Providence Hospital, and having been one lucky person all my Providential life, I thought I should take a little time travel and visit that lucky place of concurrence. So I booked a flight for Washington D.C…Hey, Buzz Aldrin’s mother’s name was Marion Moon…and as there are no coincidences, I determined to visit the birthplace of my good fortune, Providence Hospital.

Arriving in the capital I felt a desire to visit the House of Representatives before heading over to Providence. Not knowing anybody in the body politic, I fashioned myself to be an ombudsman, created an ID to reflect that lofty position, OMBUDSMAN, laminated it, and pinned it to my vest. As good fortune would have it, the Sergent-at-Arms, recognized and enthusiastically welcomed me as an ombudsman, smiled, and waved me inside. 

I strode confidently into that noble chamber, took an empty seat, and started making my notes for a short filibuster.

The Speaker was about to bring a bill to a vote and asked for final arguments. I didn’t know what that particular bill was about, but seeing my opportunity, I stood to make my case, and pretty well had to shout, as members began asking, “What the heck is an ombudsman, anyway? Then, out of curiosity if nothing else, the chamber quieted down, and I was allowed to speak… 

“I am visiting this august body at the request of the American people, who have asked me to tell you, ‘Enough back-biting and mudslinging! We have had a belly-full of this squalor, and demand that this noble body get around to conducting the business of the people.’” 

I sat down to a hush that weighed forty pounds per square inch. One representative started to clap, then another. One stood, then another. One shouted his approval, then another, until the house was awash with boisterous approval.

Suddenly I felt a hand slip into my armpit, then another hand slipped into my other armpit, and I was lifted gently from my seat and carried summarily out of the hall to shouts of, “Yo, Ombudsman! Long Live the Ombudsman!”

So I left the House without the use of my legs, and was deposited without ceremony on the sidewalk, where I asked, “Does anybody happen to know the way to Providence Hospital?”

“Oh, dry up, you’re not hurt!” hollered one of my escorts.

So I went on my merry way, and was pleasantly surprised when some folks stopped to ask me what an ombudsman was, for I had neglected to take off my ID. One lady opined, “You’re exactly what this country needs right now, an ombudsman to bring us together. Do you have a card?”

I finally found my way to Providence Hospital and made my way up to room 225, where my mother told me I was born, and was proud to see, as I arrived, a plaque had been mounted propitiously above the door, “The OMBUDSMAN was born here.” 

Audio: https://anchor.fm/mcavoy-layne

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Local Heroes Parade Line Up

June 29, 2023 | Julie Malkin-Manning

Local Heroes Parade – Sunday, July 2, 10:00 AM

  • NATIONAL ANTHEM – performed by Alyssa Lackie
  • IHS JROTC Color Guard 
  • IVGID Kids’ Bike Parade
  • Reno Mustang Car Club: Raul Caceres’ 1965 Mustang GT+ PARADE GRAND MARSHAL MACAVOY LAYNE
  • Reno Mustang Car Club: Michael Dayton’s 2019 Mustang Convertible + DON & JUDY MORRISON – DISTINGUISHED VET 
  • Reno Mustang Car Club
  • Inside Incline 
  • IVCBA Future Local Heroes 
  • Kuchulis Family- 1946 Jeep Willys
  • Incline Village Crystal Bay Veterans Club – 1930 Ford Model A Woodie Wagon (James Nowlin)
  • Incline Village Crystal Bay Veterans Club
  • Alfa Romeo Club of Incline Village 
  • Nevada State Police
  • IVCB Republican Women’s Club
  • Pet Network Humane Society
  • Incline Justice Court 
  • Daisy Daycare
  • Miss Lake Tahoe USA 
  • Rotary Club of Incline Village 
  • Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation + Rotary Club of Tahoe-Incline 
  • Around Tahoe Tours/Talbot Photography 
  • Lake Tahoe Markets
  • Incline Education Fund 
  • Incline Village Community Hospital/Tahoe Forest Hospital District 
  • Lake Tahoe School
  • Village Pet Foundation
  • Bowl Incline
  • AAUW Tahoe Nevada 
  • Bridget Giroux Design 
  • Incline Property Management 
  • Old Lake Tahoe Athletic Club 
  • Jim Perez – 1965 Mustang
  • Northern Nevada Chapter American Red Cross
  • Incline Martial Arts 
  • The Lee Family
  • Tahoe Neighborhood Table with Toys for Tots and Mikey’s Animal Outreach – Scooter
  • Tahoe Workz, Inc. 
  • Western Nevada College Mobile Lab
  • Washoe County Sherriff 
  • Washoe County Roads 
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Local Heroes Parade Features Children from the Community

June 28, 2023 | Linda Offerdahl

The Local Heroes parade on July 2nd is becoming famous for many things, but perhaps the biggest scene stealers are the entries with kids. 

For the third year in a row,  IVCBA features “Future Local Heroes” toddlers and preschoolers dressing up as their favorite hero… The parade starts at 10am with the IVGID kids bike parade and then an amazing assortment of floats, walking groups, classic cars, and equipment from Washoe County.

Stealing the scene however, may be the youngsters dressed up like firefighters, peace officers, health care professionals, teachers or superheroes. The Incline village Nursery School, Tahoe Family Solutions and Tahoe Connection for Families. 

Other groups feature kids as well: Daisy Day Care has their own float filled with adorable munchkins. The Lake Tahoe School has arguably the largest float with kids of all ages. 

Be sure to  visit the Community Fair and the Backyard BBQ on the Village Green immediately following the parade.

Get all the details for the Local Heroes 4th of July Celebration at IVCBA.org.

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In the News: TRPA governing board to host public hearings regarding East Shore Trail Shuttle, amendment to Tahoe Area Plan

June 28, 2023 | Member Submitted

Originally published in the Tahoe Daily Tribune 06/27/2023, Written by Miranda Jacobson

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev.— The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency governing board will finally meet to hold two public hearings regarding the highly controversial East Shore Trail Shuttle permit along with the amendment to the Tahoe Area Plan in Special Area 1. 

The meeting will begin no earlier than 9 a.m. Wednesday, June 28, and will take place at the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency located at 128 Market Street at Stateline. The meeting will also be live-streamed virtually. 

The first public hearing that will take place will for the Tahoe Transportation District, who could see the approval of a six month extension on the special use permit needed to use the old elementary school on Southwood Blvd. for the East Shore Trail Shuttle….


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Local Heroes Community Fair & Washoe County Sheriff Office Meet and Greet

June 27, 2023 | Julie Malkin-Manning

Immediately following the Local Heroes Parade on Sunday, July 2, all are invited to the Community Fair on the Village Green. At the same time, be sure to stop by Aspen Grove for the brand new Highlander Pride BackYard BBQ, a fundraiser for Incline High School athletes and athletic programs. 

At the fair, you’ll find carnival games, information booths, and freebies from various nonprofits, businesses, and service clubs, as listed below, and the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office vehicles will be on display for their annual Meet and Greet. 

Susie Scoops returns this year to host their annual ICE CREAM EATING CONTEST at 1 PM!

  • Pet Network Humane Society
  • IVCB Republican Women’s Club
  • North Tahoe Democrats
  • Incline Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine
  • Toys for Tots
  • Happy Tiers Cafe & Bakery
  • Incline Village Crystal Bay Community & Business Association | IVCBA
  • Bridget Giroux Design
  • Incline Education Fund
  • Village Pet Foundation
  • Daisy Day Care
  • Tahoe Family Solutions
  • Tahoe Business Exchange
  • Northern Nevada Chapter American Red Cross
  • Rotary Club of Incline Village
  • University of Nevada, Reno
  • IVCB Veterans Club
  • Berkshire Hathaway Home Services
  • Tahoe Food Hub
  • United States Air Force
  • Suzie Scoops

More information about the IVCBA Local Heroes 4th of July Celebration including the Community Fair and BackYard BBQ can be found here.

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?? 2023 IVCB SkyShow ??

June 27, 2023 | Julie Malkin-Manning

Tuesday, July 4 7-9 PM at the Ridgeline Ballfields (Incline Middle School) in Incline Village

Last year’s SkyShow, presented by the IVCB SkyShow Coalition, amazed over 5,000 spectators with the first and largest commercial drone show ever flown over Lake Tahoe.

Building on its overwhelming success, this year’s event is bigger and brighter! 

The evening will kick off with pre-show entertainment with DJ Mark Sexton and emcee Uncle E, featuring family-friendly activities, a Beer Garden with Incline Spirits & Cigars and food trucks, and an enchanting laser show, followed by the highly anticipated drone show. 

Incline Spirits & Cigars will be offering canned cocktails, wine, and 4 draught beers. Attendees must go through ID Check and get a wristband before being served.


*Kona Ice – serving Shaved Ice

*775EatsReno – serving sandos, shrimp, smash burgers, and veggie items

*Betty’s Balls and Tapas – serving Tapas and specialty sliders

*Slice of Sierra – Serving Authentic NY Style Pizza

Before the show, kids are invited to indulge in free face painting sponsored by Inside Incline, Plinko for a Prize with Party Like a Mother, and Daisy Daycare will be selling glow-in-the-dark items as a fundraiser. 

A revamped viewing area will provide an optimal vantage point for spectators to experience the breathtaking display of lasers and 250 drones (50 more than last year) lighting up the summer Sierra sky. You can simulcast the synchronized music for the laser and drone show, by DJ Mark Sexton. Download the SkyStreamEvents App at this QR Code.

Attendees are encouraged to bring beach chairs, blankets, and coolers to the event, but please… no glass. Help Keep Tahoe Blue and take home your trash. Bowl Incline will also be offering to-go picnics for the event. 

Attendees are encouraged to help reduce traffic by biking, walking, and taking shuttles to the SkyShow. 

Park & Walk lots: Incline Middle School, Parasol, IVGID Recreation Center, Travel North Tahoe Nevada Welcome Center, The Chateau. 

Shuttle lots: The Chateau, Lower Ski Way/Fairview Lot, and Diamond Peak Lower Lot. Shuttles will run 7 – 11 PM. 

This free and inclusive July 4th event is open to all residents, as well as their guests and visitors to North Lake Tahoe. It offers a unique opportunity for the entire community to celebrate together while supporting our vibrant local economy. “This show is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday while still protecting our land and promoting sustainable practices,” says Andy Chapman, President/CEO of Travel North Tahoe Nevada, a leading member of the SkyShow Coalition. 

Introduced in 2022 as a sustainable alternative to traditional fireworks, the IVCB SkyShow ensures a safer celebration for our community. With an alarming 19,500 fires caused by fireworks in 2018, it became crucial to find a way to celebrate without jeopardizing the land and community’s safety. The SkyShow also represents an important step toward reducing air pollution in the Incline Village and Crystal Bay communities. 

Get all the details including transportation and parking information at ivcba.org

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Operation Save the Basin

June 26, 2023 | Member Submitted

Aerial Fire & Rescue Fund

The recent Caldor and Tamarack fires were a wakeup call. There are no dedicated aerial resources for our area. The TDFPD and surrounding agencies believe by implementing a Fire Rescue Helicopter Program, that serves the Lake Tahoe Basin and surrounding areas, we could dramatically increase our ability to save lives, properties, infrastructure, wildlife, and the National Treasure that is Lake Tahoe.

What would a program like this provide?

  • Initial fire attack that would suppress fires quickly when they are small – 24/7, 365 days 
  • Emergency rescue from the air – 24/7, 365 days
  • The capability of dropping 1,000 gallons of water on a fire
  • The capability to drop a Helitack Crew on the ground for fire suppression
  • An onboard paramedic with full advanced life support equipment to perform emergency life-saving skills
  • A hoist to perform rescues in remote or hard to get to locations
  • The capability for night flying to detect and suppress fires and for search and rescue operations
  • Non-emergency fuels reduction work to establish fuel breaks around neighborhoods and businesses in the Lake Tahoe area

How can you help make this program a reality?

Funding Support – Donate to tahoefire.org/helicopter – Donations small and large will all be appreciated. Donations are tax deductible.

Public Support – Spread the Word – Tell your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers about the need and ask them to donate. Schedule a presentation for your group or organization. Call Today 775.588.3591.

Political Support – Contact your local state and federal representatives – Urge them to give their support to the program.


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The Village Church Schools Expansion

June 25, 2023 | Member Submitted

The Village Church is raising money to double the size of it preschool and to start a K-5 program.  The preschool has operated for over 20 years at the church at 736 McCourry Blvd, and now serves about 30 children.  There is an 80 family waitlist, and so expansion will be a great service to the community.  The first K-1 class this year is currently enrolling, targeting a class size of 10.  Krissy Flynn will be its teacher. 

The church had been preparing to build the needed space, but just a few weeks ago the neighbors across the parking lot from the church entrance offered to sell the church their home. The Village Church congregation voted 97% in the affirmative to accept the offer. This purchase will accommodate staff offices, make church expansion unnecessary, and enable the schools to occupy the entire west wing of the church.

The church has $1.2 million of the approximately $2 million cost for the purchase, and has initiated a capital campaign to raise the $800,000 balance.  It is excited to offer these opportunities to the north Lake Tahoe communities and is inviting the Incline Village community to pitch in.  The large preschool waitlist demonstrates the need, and we hope the idea of offering parents the option of a bible-based elementary education also appeals.  

Please make checks payable to The Village Church, and include “capital campaign” on the memo line.  If you wish to donate by credit card, or make a tax-advantaged stock donation, please contact the church office.  Other tax-advantaged ways to give include IRA RMD checks, or contributions by Donor Advised Funds. 

Ask the church for details. 

The Village Church, 736 McCourry Blvd, Incline Village, NV 89451 

Office phone:  (775)831-0784

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